#39 Hillton – Arugam Bay

Firstly, I want to thank all of you who have called, emailed and written to find out how we are and what happened to the Hillton, when the tsunami struck on 26 th December. By the grace of God none of my family, any of our staff, or any of our guests were swept away, by the killer wave that smashed into Arugam Bay at about 9.45 that morning. Our kitchen staff were quick to see the danger and alerted the others and our guests just in time for us to scrambled up to the first floor to safety. The wave and water that rushed almost reached to the level of the first story. No words can describe my fear as the water rushed below us.

The wave swept away the Hillton’s kitchen, dinning room and four cabanas. All the ground floor rooms were flooded to their ceilings and their contents destroyed. The side wall of the front two rooms and the boundary wall were also swept away. We and our guest lost everything that was in the hotel.

I and my family decided that we must rebuild the hotel, which was begun by my father more than fifteen years ago. Over the last three months my family has used our savings and borrowed to begin the rebuilding process. The ground floor rooms have been refurnished. A temporary kitchen has been equipped. We’ve bought tables and chairs for dinning and in April we opened again for business!

Still there is much work to do to repair all the damage and replace all that we have lost. To all our regular customers I want to say, a??Please don’t forget to book your holiday with us again this year!a?? And to people coming to Arugam Bay for the first time, a??The Hillton Hotel is one of the most friendly family run hotels on the beach and not even a tsunami can change that!a??

If you are planning to visit Arugam Bay either on holiday or to work with us to rebuild Arugam Bay , stay at the Arugam Bay Hillton.

M. H. A. Raheem
Owner and Manager
Arugam Bay Hillton Hotel

#39 The Hillton Hotel Arugam Bay

#39 The Hillton Hotel Arugam Bay

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