Dr. Hans and HBO in Arugam Bay

Dr. Hans named Sri Lankan of the year

The Dialog Blog Reports: Dr. Hans and Dialog

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By LMD. He deserves it. Order duetact wikipedia Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya is definitely one of the most inspiring, intelligent and sincerely good people IA?a??a??ve ever met. He has a 5, 10 year vision for Dialog and Sri Lanka and itA?a??a??s very ambitious and very hopeful.

Right now is a tough time both economically, and also because the company is investing in new businesses. However, the long-term vision is incredibly sound. Dialog is slowly becoming a company that delivers Mobile, Internet, TV How much dutasteride for hair loss and Fixed Line technology to Sri Lanka which, when you think about it, is pretty cool. Like, IA?a??a??m in a third world country using mobile broadband, and checking my email on my phone.
Someone in Arugam Bay is watching HBO. Someone is calling their mother in the Middle East on a CDMA from somewhere fixed lines never reached. And Dr brought all that technology to Sri Lanka, and made Dialog one of the most successful businesses in the region. And respected. If you step back and think about it, itA?a??a??s pretty cool.


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