Arugam Bay Sunrise

This (the video shown in the link above) is the sun rising over Arugam Bay, at Pottuvil Point specifically.
Time lapse x4. This is in the East of Sri Lanka, an on and off warzone, but off now.
Some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombo.
As a note, IA?a??a??m an idiot and I missed the dark first part and itA?a??a??s not especially impressive, but what it is.
Music is Ce Matin La by Air.IA?a??a??ve been to How much zanaflex does it take to overdose ABay a few times this year and itA?a??a??s well worth the 8-10 hour drive. First off, you canA?a??a??t see the sunrise on (my) west coast and second, itA?a??a??s not season on the west coast. In A Bay the water is something else, love it like a woman. It holds you like one, teases you like one, and occasionally leaves you face down with your mouth full of sand.

Sun Colours at Arugam Bay


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