Nature has always been kind to us by providing us all her good things.Lot of plants around us help to maintain good health.Only thing is we have not recognised these plants or we have ignored their goodness.I have noticed dogs,sometimes feed on grass(ARUGAM

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A?A?PUL)for digestion.This is just an example… There are lot more which i can say..

My dad,who is aA?A? Singulair asthma treatment naturopathA?A?andA?A?siddhaA?A?doctor, have been doing lot of research on food and herbs and have written lot of books on this.I would like to share with you all my knowledge regarding this.I will keep posting about each herb or vegetable daily so… keep checking

Here are the list of some of the herbs that i know which are commonly used as home remedies .Some of their properties have also been described in ancientA?A?SiddhaA?A?-Ayurveda books.Though many have not been proved by the scientific society it has been used widely as home remedy by many.

First to come to my mind wasA?A?THIRUNEETRUA?A?PACHILAI/KRISHNATULASI/SWEET BASIL.This is one of my favourite herb guess why???!!! It helped me to have a clear face during my adolescence.We used to make face cream using this herb.These days i heard some face creams using this herb are available inA?A?chennai.

SWEET BASIL:This is a small perennial plant that grows in warm climates. They look very much like basil except for the size of the leaves and the flavour.SiddhaA?A?literatureA?A?talksA?A?a lotA?A?about its medicinal value like.. it reduces body heat,helps treat dysentery,white discharge etc. From my personal use i can say this really helps cure pimples and black marks on our face(we can either apply the juice or paste of the leaf on our face for a hour or so and wash the face)A?A?recent researchA?A?showsA?A?the compounds in this plant have potentA?A?antioxidant, properties.

And one more things which i know from personal experience is snakes are scared to come near this plant..This happened long back… we used to get snakes(small ones) near our house and we used to have this plant in pots outside our house and when these snake enter this area they just stood frozen!!! theyA?A?wouldn’tA?A?go near this plant to hide.Then i was told that snakesA?A?don’tA?A?go near this plant.DISCLAIMER:

Article written here is based on personal experiences , siddha literatute and home remedies that have been in use for ages and have not been proven scientifically.


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