Island in the Sun

Arugam Bay Beach by my Sri Lanka Holydays

Sri Lanka indeed seems to be an exciting tourist destination among all the others destinations in South Asia and is also renowned for its ancient monuments, as well as other nature spots such as beaches, lakes, mountains and even museum galleries. This country has all that it takes to sooth your souls with all its charm that it exhibits and engulfs. So just in case, you want to see and experience an unusual vacation then this seem to be the best place leaving you behind all those lush green memories.

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Amongst all the natural spots in this country, beaches occupy a leading place, since there are many beautiful beaches, which are a good blend of sun and sand. This beautiful combination of the sun and sand has all it takes to make you feel like spending all your life on those beaches. The cool breezes, along with those gusting waves are some of the thoughts that one can never forget. Some of the famous beaches and resorts that are really worth visiting are kalutara, Bentota, Mount Lavina and Arugam Bay and not to forget the most famous of all the Sun Island Resort.

I suppose reading this paragraph would surely give you a glimpse of what this one looks like. The sun island resort is the most beautiful and exotic island that is located near Nalaguraidhoo and is capable enough to capture your hearts and minds because of its exotic tropical flowers and lush green gardens that would take you and remind you about those stunning blue sapphire lagoons.

This resort is located about 65 miles of the male airport and both this place and resort is the most breathe taking picturesque island on the whole of Srilanka. This one is so capable of capturing and kidnapping your minds with its charm and beauty that its known as the living paradise. This is the most noted luxurious beach resort and is considered to be the premiere resort among all the five hotels.

The sun island resort is well known for its beauty and besides its beautiful surrounding its also popular for its sunset view. So hereA?a??a??s is where it got its name form and owes its popularity and fame due to the sunrise and the sunset view that can be enjoyed from this resort.

Moreover, its beautiful beaches are an added attraction that enhances and adds on to its popularity and fame.

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