Walkers and the Arugam Bay prefab Bridge

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Arugam Bay Bridge and Bay

MTD Walkers PLC, successor to Kapila Heavy Equipment PLC and holding company of Walker Sons & Company Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., will commence the setting up of a fully fledged master workshop inclusive of a state-of-the-art steel fabrication plant to enhance engineering and infrastructure development capabilities, the company announced recently.

Cheap vasodilan buy A?a??A?This master workshop which is to be set up in a 9 acre land in close proximity to Malwana will co-locate all workshops related to engineering and infrastructure development operations, thus further facilitating those worksA?a??A? Head of Operations of MTD Walkers PLC, Air Vice Marshall (Rtd.)Lal Perera stated.

A?a??A?Several advanced features required for engineering and infrastructure development projects such as, A?a??E?blast cleaningA?a??a??, automatic welding and ultra modern steel plate rolling facilities will be available at the master workshop. In addition, the production capacity of our plantation engineering arm, which manufactures machinery required for the tea industry, will be doubled due to the setting up of this workshop.A?a??A?, he added.

MTD Walkers PLC intends to complete the setting up of the workshop by September 2009 and provide jobs opportunities to over a 100 skilled individuals in this facility.

At present, the Engineering Division of MTD Walkers PLC mainly engages in the construction of superstructures of bridges using prefabricated steel, designing and building storage tanks for the petroleum industry and repairing of petroleum storage tanks including the replacement of bottom plates of vertical tanks.

A?a??A?Erection of the superstructure of the recently completed, 160 m long, 2-lane, Arugambay Bridge, using 535 metric tons of prefabricated steel, in a time span of 52 days could be highlighted as an example of the companyA?a??a??s engineering prowess. A similar bridge constructed according to conventional methods would require a minimum of 3-4 months for completionA?a??A?. Head of Enginering of MTD Walkers PLC, Channa Caldera stated.

A?a??A?In the petroleum storage tank designing and manufacturing arena too, we have served local as well as foreign clients. It is mention worthy that all tanks designed and built by us are approved by the Lloyds Register and compatible with the American Petroleum Industry (API) standardsA?a??A?, he added.

MTD Walkers PLC was formed in November, 2007 as a result of MTD Capital, a leading Malaysian based civil engineering and infrastructure Company, purchasing a majority stake in Kapila Heavy Equipment PLC, which was the former holding company of Walker Sons group of companies. Prior to being acquired by MTD Capital, the Walker Sons group of companies had been in operation in Sri Lanka for over 150 years.


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