Lahugala, Arugam & Mahavamsa

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The first King of Gampola
This article is part of a continuing series on the A?a??E?Mahavamsa,A?a??a?? the recorded chronicle of Sri Lankan history
By Halaliye Karunathilake Edited and translated by Kamala Silva Illustrated by Saman Kalubowila

1.Buwanekabahu IV is named as the 1st king of Gampola. His Prime Minister, Senadhilankara had employed four strategies to strengthen the security of the country. There is hardly any mention of Alagakkonara and Raigama A?a??a?? by this time. Scholars are made to believe that even those areas had been ruled by Gampola.

2. However the downfall of Raigama has been short-lived. The reason attributed is a change in the political situation. Around this time, there would have been some influence to make even Parakramabahu leave Gampola. An inscription has been found in a place close to Lahugala, in the Magul Maha Vihara, in the Eastern Province. This inscription belongs to this period. It mentions of a queen of two brothers, who were both kings.

3. This queen happened to be another Viharamahadevi. It is believed that of the two kings mentioned, the second one is Parakramabahu V. Scholars believe that after defeating the Tamil armies, he would have ruled in the Ruhuna. Another inscription has been discovered in a place called Kotagama, situated about 13 miles to the North-east of Dedigama. This inscription too mentions about King Parakramabahu V.

4. According to this inscription, this king had been chased from Dedigama, by a king named “Singai Nagar Aryayan.” This could be Aryachakravarti. By this time, there was a new king in Gampola. He was Vickramabahu III. He became king either in 1356 or 1357 AD. The fourth year of the first phase of rule of Vickramabahu III is the same as the last year of rule of King Parakramabahu V.

5. The reason for this is because the first year of rule of Vickramabahu III is counted from, one year after the death of Buwanekabahu IV. According to the traditional belief of the 18th century, Vickramabahu III is a nephew of Parakramabahu V. He was really Parakramabahu V’s sister’s son. Some believe him to be the son of a sister of the above mentioned two kings, who got married to the Prime Minister Senadhilankara.

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6. When King Buwanekabahu fled to the South, it was advantageous for the Alagakkonara family. They spread their power in Raigama and the adjoining areas. Without stopping at that, they tried to put pressure on the Gampola Kingdom too. One Alagakkonara who lived in Peradeniya managed to win the confidence of the king, within a very short period. He got married to a sister of Vickramabahu III.

7. This Alagakkonara is not supposed to be a son of the former Alagakkonara, who was in power when Ibn Batuta came here. But he is said to be a son of a sister of that Alagakkonara. So he could be a son of Padmawathie, who got married to Attanayake. She has had three sons, two of whom have carried the name Alagakkonara. The other son had gone by his father’s name, as an Attanayake. The ones who became famous are the ones who took the Alagakkonara name A?a??a?? from the mother’s side.

8. Scholars are of the opinion that Aryachakravarti would have extended his help and support to them. Senadhilanakara who was very powerful during the time of Buwanekabahu IV, had lost a lot of power by this period. However it is Aryachakravarti who benefited from the rivalry between Raigama and Gampola.


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