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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hannes Knolz & Marco in Action

These guys are legends in Sri Lanka! Hannes and Marco surfing off the coast of Arugam Bay!
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Daring enough to try?

If you want to learn more or inquire about training or surfing in Sri Lanka e mail or call us. Details at the bottom of webpage.

Kite Season for Sri Lanka

Plaquenil delivery
December to March
No wind in April
May to October
No wind in November

Daily Sri Lanka Wind Report


58 Responses to “Kite Surf Sri Lanka”

  • Hey guys,
    Heading to Dickwella area in July.
    Will be based around there for a couple of weeks.
    Are there any ridable areas around locally?
    Strapless or twin tip best there?
    Ozone catalyst 14mtr to big? 85KG Kiwi.
    Or bring a 9 as well?
    All i got.
    Will get up to A Bay at some stage as well.
    Cheers Muzza.

  • Sorry Mark!
    For some strange reason there is no real Kite Surf School, operation or indeed equipment rental at Arugam Bay as yet.
    Most guys seem to concentrate on the opposite side of the island.
    In time, we are certain, Arugam Bay will be one of the best destinations in Asia.
    Because we have good winds and great weather all year round

  • im over from the 1st Feb for two weeks staying in Galle, can you fit me in for lessons

  • do you do kitesurfing lessons please

  • Hello guys… I am looking for a job as a kitesurfing instructor, I am currently level 2 iko and I prefer to do progression lessons freestyle and wave riding, I also sup and surf .. I am currently in maldives and I need a job asap, pls let me know if there is something for me,

  • We are a professional kite surfing school located within beautiful palagama beach hotel.
    At Palagama Beach we’ve created something original. Be a part of nature and live a unique, tranquil village experience.We all enjoy different things. That’s why we offer a variety of experiences from kitesurfing to dolphin watching to leopard safaris.

  • Hi. Planning a trip to Sri Lanka at Christmas. Keen kitesurfer but three small kids with me as well. Wife wants to go to Galle – is that any good for kiting, heard it is but can get pretty big? Where are the best spots in Sri Lanka? Thanks for your help. Charlie

  • Hey Ramez,

    Already replied. June to Oct is the best time.


  • I am planning to be in Sri Lanka from 30 Decembre 2010 till 09 January, and would like to know about opportunities to learn kite surfing.
    Looking forward,

  • Hi B,

    Thanks Fred for the compliments. I am not the best but perhaps the most crazy lankan for the sport.

    Unfortunately the wind was very low this trip, so was the sport. Month of October and November are usually low wind months but I will head to Abay again in Arugam.

    The best time for kiting is June to Sept. I was told off season arugam bay is good as well. will explore that.

    B, in terms of equipment, bring 12M kites as winds are lower. You may contact me. The website is

    Hang loose.


  • Hi Fred,

    Thanks that would be great. Will likely be in need of some kitesurfing kit.

    First stop AbaY!

  • Have a chat with Sri Lanka’s best kiter!
    Dilsiri is however at AbaY this week. And he will no doubt be too busy to surf the Net.
    When I speak to him next, I will ask him to respond to you and give you an update of the kite conditions in the Bay

  • Hey Guys,

    I’m heading out to sri lanka next week – from 30th October for 10 days. No fixed plans but like the idea of getting in some kite surfing. Should I bring my own kit or is it possible to rent stuff out there? – would be much easier as planning to backpack around a bit too…

    Also where’s the best place and will the wind still be good?

    Advice much appreciated!


  • Hi Julian,

    December is a nice month to be on the South Coast. However, its not the best of times for wind. The season is actually June – October when the monsoon kicks in.

    Anyway, you may be lucky. I remember getting good wind while on holiday in Weligama/Mirissa/Tangalle. I used a 10M Faith Kite.

    Waves, you will have. Wind is unpredictable. Anyway, worst comes to worst you can go diving, surfing, see dolphin and whales…lots to do. Keep in touch and feel free to contact me if you need furter help.


  • HI There,
    My wife has booked us a holiday december at welligama bay – can you recommend this area or somewhere close that gets the wind and waves for this time of year – also wind strength.

    many thanks

  • Howdy Rama,

    Presume you got my mail. At the moment you’ll be lucky (or unlucky) if there are 2 kiters per month! haha. I love the place.


  • Aloha dil

    just remembered you got to know johnson sposored by tom from surfing the nations? I see him all the time in bali. friends with all since 04. yea would love a ride, how does it work exactly? 6 hours to 9hrs sounds like a dream.

    how many kites now on any given day at a-bay? 3 years ago i saw none in sept.


  • wow they repave the roads? yeah its been about 3 years since i was there last, that bay has everything you want, surf and kite and skimboarding. I was hoping to get there soon as its going to get crowded soon from the contest.

    yeah you got a ride? you at Abay now? might be arriving wed or thurs, still looking on air asia.

    I remember the winds blew just about every day around 12 when i was surfing. love to kite the main point! unreal….side shore is great! just park da kite and surf. I probably hire a beach boy for launch land and warn a boat if go down for good lol.


  • Cool. Surfing is as much fun. You can easily find a board there. Nothing to worry. There’s a guy called Richard at the main point who runs a rental store. Nice guy. Grab one from him.

  • Hey Dil,
    thanx for this hi-speed response πŸ™‚ and thanx for all the usefull advise.
    Actually I am more tempted by visiting Abay again than the kite surf learning… and maybe if I manage to come, I simply should try little bit of surfing? Renting a board can’t be any prob, is it?
    Aloha to the island of serendip,

  • Hey G,

    Yes Sri Lanka has developed a lot since you’ve last been here! To answer;

    Learning in Arugam Bay is a bit tough. I would suggest learning on the West Coast and then heading to Arugam.

    SVH is still a very cool place. Freds, as always very friendly and supportive of the the kitesurfers πŸ™‚ haha.

    It is a bit crowded now that the war has ended. But surf’s still good. In July you should be fine to rent out a place without a reservation.

    I would say, put a request for share taxi. Or just rent a vehicle – around 16K for a round trip. Not much taking the power of the Euro into consideration πŸ™‚

    Aloha from Paradise, Sri Lanka!

  • Learn to kite surf @Abay?

    Hey guys,
    there is a chance that I will visit Lanka again this July. I always have been curious about kite surfing and maybe this time it’s the time to give it a try.
    Is there any place at Arugam bay whcih rents equipement or even run courses?
    I didn’t pay much attention to this when I was there in ’03 and ’05 and things might have changed a lot this then anyway… An update would be highly appreciated.
    Is Siam View still the cool place it has been?
    How crowded is Abay by now?
    Still possible to show up there and get a cabana without any reservation?
    What would be the best way to get out there? Getting a rental in CMB?
    Aloha form Germany,

  • I was at the Main Point. Was a great Session. Side Shore. Winds were consistent.

    Rama, if you come down, let me know, I will save you the trouble of the bus, jump in my car! It takes about 6 hours now as the roads are done up πŸ™‚

  • Yeah I am 85 kilos but use a surfboard and hunt waves, I remember some breaks before pottuvill point that break further out with side on shore wind, any one kite the waves at the point with out any problems?

    Wind is consistent there now as I remembered. a lot more expensive after the tsunami i was shocked. people seemed to be slow moving on.

    thanks for the info in advance. dreading the 9 hour mini bus

  • I was on a 8M on oneday and 10M on the other. i think you will be fine with a 9 and a 12. i am a 62KG rider.


  • Hi

    been to A-bay 2 times as surfer, but now I kite as well, whats the best kite size? 9m and 12m? there is 12m days? I remember the wind was pretty strong.


  • yes desliri..u r so kind!!..i readed nd i replyed too.
    keep in touch..we ll see in july!!

  • Hi Laurent,

    The best months for kiting in Sri Lanka is from July – Oct. The other months is a bit tricky. Yes, Faith is a small but high quality brand and certainly a good choice. I have flown the kite for more than a year with absolutely no problems.

    the site is

    Babara, I replied your mails. hope the information is adequete.

  • hey guys,
    i m barbara from italy nd i wish to come in your wonder island next month to upgrade my kiteboarding experience…maybe existes some like a kite school or a kite camp or some accomodation near the kite center or special offert accomodation+kite school and so on..
    well, i m waiting your raccomandation and maybe see u soon (i hope)

    stay windfinder

  • Hi all,
    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to kite in Sri Lanka end of feb/begin of march. Is this a good time of the year for wind there? Where would be the right spot to go to? Also, might be interested in purchasing a small kite from factory depending on the prices…Niko, did you manage to get a North Sails? Dilsiri, is it possible to try one of these Faith kites once we’re there? I’m always intersted in trying new gear and since I’m sometimes disappointed by the main brands, I wouldn’t mind going for something less known if it’s good! Thanks for any information you can provide!
    Laurent and Lydia

  • Thanks Dilsiri,

    We are three kitesurfer (my two sons and me) with different weight 45kg, 75Kg and 89Kg. Then we will have 16m, 14m and 11m. Should we have smaller one in case of stronger wind (8, 7 or 5.5)?

  • february should be a good month. not extremely strong wind but you will have fun with a 12M. you should try mauritus as well.

  • Quick question: being in China I plan to visit Sri Lanka with my family for Chinese New year (mid February in 2010). What are the wind conditions around this period? I would enjoy to try my new FOne fish 5.2…:-)). Any other destination in Asia for kite surfing at that time?
    many thanks in advance for your answer.

  • these kites fly just like the north kites – a hybrid kite thats quite forgiving. perhaps i can let you try one before purchase. either way give me a buzz when you are in sri lanka 0773 686 235.

  • Thanks Dil !
    The problem is that I have no idea about faith kiteboarding. I never had the opportunity to heard about the flying ability of these kites in Europe (France). And would not be as easy as North for warranty…

  • Hi Niko!

    Not sure of the North Sails kites but I could organize some FAITH KITEBOARDING kites for you.

    Please feel free to call me 0773 686 235 when you land and I could show you some kites etc.

    Unfortunately kite season has ended.


  • Hi there !
    I’ll be in Lanka next friday and I was wondering to know if it is possible to buy kites from North Sails factory in Negumbo…
    So is it possible ?
    Thanks !

  • have already mailed daniel.

    thats an idea fred. only thing is kitesurfing isnt considered an extreme sport for nothing. used carelessly the danger is not only for the user but also for bystanders etc.

    hence, if a store is to be open, then there needs to be a certified or at least a very competent local to handle the gear and ascertain the competence level of the user.

    gear also needs to be cared for. especially in the heat at abay you might have a lot of repairs .

    but its an idea and might see how something can be worked out.

    see you in less than a month fred!

  • Hi D.
    Dil is right.
    In the Bay itself there is no kite surf equipment.
    Winds are good though.
    Maybe You can help with rentals?
    Q.: Why not start a Kite rental business at Arugam Bay,?
    AbaY Surf shop, Mambo or ‘Hello Madam’ etc. might be able to accommodate a joint venture.
    Something like a shared income deal for parked up equipment, maybe?
    Be the first. Give good service & prices and you’ll corner the market πŸ˜‰

  • hey, its a small community πŸ™‚ doubt there’ll be anything in arugam bay……

  • Hi guys,
    Will be in Colombo just for this friday and saturday… and was wondering about equipment rental and nearby spots.
    I was looking at the winds and might be able to pack and take my 12m with me, but will still need a board…
    Any references there?

  • sent you an e mail with my details shane…

  • Shane Collingridge

    Thanks for the info Dil,
    I am serious about coming over from Indonesia in the next few weeks. Could you give me your phone number and email address so that I can contact you personally. My email is and my Indonesian number is 085857036809. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • hi shane,
    june to august is a good time for kiting here. the monsoon winds bring in an average of 15 – 20 knots. check out humble blog. we need a iko kitesurf trainer to run the train the trainer. i work partime for

  • Shane Collingridge

    Hi guys,
    I am in Bali at the moment and am starved for wind. I spent four months in Vietnam and had a great season there. I considered going back due to kite withdrawal but have had a couple people mention Sri Lanka. I know you have incredible beaches and beautiful people but how is the wind there, June through August? Where is the best place to go this time of year? Is anyone looking for an IKO instructor? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hey, actually there were three! haha, I was waiting for Hannes to get me a 8M2 on the beach. Varun, I am sure I saw you guys taking shots. I was taking shots of Hannes and Marco for the blog!

    do mail me the pictures as well –

    i hope you are kiting in sunny sri lanka. we might be heading north of negombo this weekend.

  • this must have been Marco and Hannes as they told me they were there last wknd and i am sur they will apprecieate the shots. send them to and he will forward them or better post them here so we can see them. i am in Denmark and missing my time in Sri.

  • On 10th May 2009 I watched from Aarugambay Beach Resort which is in the mid section of the Bay, two kitesusrfers surfing during the whole afternoon. The wind was strong throughout the day. I have taken a few nice shots of these two kite surfers.

  • I think Sri Lanka is one of the best place to have a kite flying and kite surfing. I’m sure people would love to go there.

    “Imagination is the Key to Innovation.”

  • hi there martin, there are a couple of places on the west coast. june is a nice time as well with the south west monsoon setting in. give me and my buddy a buzz or contact us on e mail and


  • Hi,

    I’m looking into kite surfing holiday for early June. What spots do you recomend in Sri Lanka for that part of the year? is good wind almost guaranteed?

    Also if you have any good tips of good places to stay that are reasonable it would be much appriciated.

  • hi there pete! wow. i must have met you then or not. i started boarding just over a year ago – mischi was my guru. i am very addicted to the sport – and ya you sure are missing out on the fun! i launched from the airport garden hotel – taj i think. was a bit hardcore coz i was actually on the road that they were building and it was full of rubble and huge rocks! i had to drag myself a bit to the middle of the lagoon where i got some wind….my colleage mondy was blasting on his windsurf. i did have some drama, you could red it on the sri lankan kitesurf blog anyway, i think i may seen you house. there were quite a few nice ones – i was half in mind to go pay a visit to one of those houses after my episode. my e mail is i will add them. if you have a story for them, let me know, i will add it as well. the key to the blog was to link up all the kitesurfers and like minded people in sri lanka. i presume helen is your gf or wife who doesnt kitesurf but doing her wifely duties photographing the boys with their toys! haha. yes, we must meet up when you land. we dont have many like minded people in colombo πŸ™‚ haha. chat soon. Dil

  • Hi Dil,
    I was living in Negombo for 4 years working in Wattala but left in sept 07, so i know the spots and the life and i miss it alot. I was living on the lagoon on the beach side, in the compound there, maybe it was where you launched from? my house looked over the lagoon and bespite the terrible mud we always had a good time blasting around. Missing my house and my porth from whihc i could nip back tio gra a beer. and of course my dog who i left in the compound. HEr name was coco…Whooo whooo. hahaha.
    hope to be in lords on the 7th …
    if you give me your email i can forward the pics, gmail is better for the large files….Helen took them all while we were ripping hehehe but the wind dropped in the afternoon and we all made it back to star dust, it was an epic day. Franky actually scored the biggest wave.!

  • Hi Pete,

    I got the pics from Hannes for the blog… couldnt figure out who sent it to give photo credits. Ah, Franky’s birthday…super, do come…its nice over here. Also try send the other photos as well. I did a session in the Seeduwa/Negombo lagoon was nice and very longggggggg. Hope to meet you when you land.


  • seems the photos helen took with my camera on that great day in A bay are doing the rounds. shame no pics of me…or Franky as we were ball out the same day… πŸ™
    Hi there Mischi , trying to get some flights to get to SL for Frankys bday on 7th Feb. hope to get out on the water with you guys..of i can get a darn flight. will give you a bell when i arrive. nice VW btw…

  • hi there v,

    check out

    there are few spots in sri lanka on the west coast. december would be a nice time. there is a trainer by the name of mischi walter, you could call him on ( 94) 775748361 or e mail…..details on the blog.


  • Hey guys,

    which is the best spot in Sri lanka to learn kiteboarding? I already had 5 days of training and I am “almost there”. In December I am planning to come in Sri Lanka and continue the training. Please reccomend me a kite school if there or trainer.



  • guys, the wind apparently is good in Abay during April and November….which means….kitesurfing is available all year round in lanka!

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