Extinction of jellyfish likely

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  • the jellyfish has always been a pest to the fisherman and has a very short life span and is “blooming out of control” everywhere in the world due to global warming and overfishing. The mushroom jellyfish blooms in millions in the eastern seas in sri lanka and they die within a span of 3-4 months or drift with the ocean currents to india and other countries, where they catch them and export.
    Removing it from the seas is best for other fish species (because jellyfish prey on other fish fry) and also pollutes the beach when the drift to the shore after they die.
    The jellyfish is like a mosquito in the sea!! it is a pest!! For the fisherman and all other marine life…. The lagoons such as the Negombo lagoon and the putlam lagoon is also full of jellyfish… even if you go to bati you can see the amounts of jellyfish that drift with the water under the Otamawadi bridge…
    Nowhere in the world is the export of jellyfish prohibited … but as usual in sri lanka some maniac environmentalists oppose the jellyfish fishery on the same bases that they oppose all development projects like “building the kandalama hotel” … but if you go deep to the motives it is always supported and funded by NGO’s and developed countries to leave the third world countries as poor as they are.
    These so called environmentalist are preventive the export of jellyfish under no legal stance and the only motive is that they earn money for these activities from countries like India…where the jellyfish exports are a main source of foreign exchange income and the catch of jellyfish in sri lanka reduces the number of jellyfish drifted towards india.
    In arugam-bay the hotels are suffering without income …the average foreigner that comes for surfing tends to stay in cheap rooms Rs. 150-200 per day and don’t really spend money like other categories of foreigners in the Colombo or Negombo areas… the guys who come are obviously broke…nothing to do surfers ………
    The jellyfish fishery in-turn has bought much more income to the hotels in the areas (since the exporters and the buyers stay in the best hotels) and thousands of poor fishermen earn an average of Rs.20,000 per day continuously during the season…so I think that the government and the people in the east should support the jellyfish trade and open their doors to development after many decades of war and terror.

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