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Would the Real Jo-Anne Liburd Stand Up?

Jo de Vivre (www.sewalanka.org) How much is cymbalta
Cows rule. On Wednesday morning, I reached the big roundabout that is the centre of Boralesgamuwa . ItA?a??a??s just steps from my office and the normally chaotic traffic was even slightly more so. Why? A cow had decided to sit itself down in the middle of the lanes. ThereA?a??a??s a nice big patch of grass in the middle of the roundabout but no, the cow decided that actual street was better. Think of a cow in the middle of the Yonge-Dundas intersection and you get the idea. It wasnA?a??a??t even the least bit disturbed by the many big vehicles that honked and tried to inch around it, trying to coax it up without hitting it. Then, that afternoon, as I left work, traffic was equally snarled. A parade of cows was making its way down the main road. Then, just as I stepped outside, one of the bulls leapt up and mounted the cow in front of it and, as if Marvin Gay or Barry White had just been turned on a loudspeaker, started to hump her. I couldnA?a??a??t stop laughing. It seemed so awesome that ColomboA?a??a??s ridiculously insane traffic would be paralyzed by bovine fornication. Love it.

That afternoon, my friend Lianne emailed me. SheA?a??a??d googled me and found WarrenA?a??a??s video. I was surprised by this because I didnA?a??a??t think my last name had been tagged to the video, so I decided to google myself and see what else IA?a??a??d find.
I discovered that there is a link to my blog (and JessicaA?a??a??s) on a travel website about Arugam Bay! Arugam Bay is Sri LankaA?a??a??s foremost surfing beach,
and itA?a??a??s an area that I desperately want to visit but havenA?a??a??t been able to because itA?a??a??s in the conflict-plagued east. I also made another discovery. I admit, this isnA?a??a??t the first time IA?a??a??ve googled myself so I know that thereA?a??a??s another black girl named Joanne Liburd out there (no dash, small A). She seems to be athletic and her sports scores are mingled with mine in the google listings. From the pictures she looks a bit like me and someone who doesnA?a??a??t know me well might think weA?a??a??re one person. Well, it turns out that she works at PricewaterhouseCoopers, MY FORMER EMPLOYER. This is getting a bit too weird. I need to get in touch with this girl and tell her to stop living my life.

Jessica has returned from the Kataragama Perahera. Check out her pictures on her blog, Expat with Elephants. A link to the site is on the right.

Yesterday was another Poya holiday A?a??a?? Esala Poya. IA?a??a??m not sure of the significance of this one but thereA?a??a??s the big annual perahera in Kataragama and also one in Kandy, which is located in the middle of the country and used to be the capital of Sri Lanka many moons ago. In Colombo, however, it was pretty dead. So Jesse and I decided to try out a badminton facility near his place. It was empty when we arrived and we had a really fun hour-long game, although I swung and missed at the shuttlecock more times that IA?a??a??d care to acknowledge. The facility was really hot. When we were done, the idea of leaving without showering was out of the question. So I showered A?a??a?? one of the rare times I didnA?a??a??t mind the cold showers here. But when I was done, I realized that a) I had no towel with me; and b) my clothes were in the other room. I grabbed my shorts and tried to dab myself dry. These shorts are the ones that leach blue dye so I was slightly blue as I made my way into the other room. As I dashed to grab my clothes I noticed that the open door to the change area put me in clear view of the family A?a??a?? mom, dad and 12 year old boy A?a??a?? that was now playing on our court. I pivoted, grabbed the clothes and dashed back to the shower area. IA?a??a??m choosing to believe that none of them saw my black (and blue) butt streaking through their peripheral vision.

In the evening at MikeA?a??a??s, as I was lying in bed I could hear this yowling that sounded like a raccoon or angry cat. I couldnA?a??a??t tell if it was in the house or outside. I listened but the sound wouldnA?a??a??t happen. Then it would happen out of the blue again. I determined that it didnA?a??a??t sound like our cat, which has a much smaller voice. This morning, when I opened the door to the bedroom, our cat came in and she looked scared. That, of course, made me a little scared. When I went downstairs, sure enough, there was a big black cat in the dining room. I have no clue how it got in the house A?a??a?? perhaps when the housecleaner was in during the day. Anyway, she was not leaving, no matter how much stomping and A?a??A?OUT!A?a??A? yelling I did. In the process, however, I manage to scare and confuse our own cat. There was a lot of A?a??A?OUT!! No, no, not you, sweetieA?a??A?. OUT! No, no, itA?a??a??s okay, I mean that oneA?a??A? OUT!!A?a??A?

I didnA?a??a??t want to get too close because itA?a??a??s yowls in the night sounded ferocious and it could have been rabid. Finally, I opened the front door and went into the kitchen which would allow the new cat to head straight out the door without passing me. When I came out of the kitchen she was gone. I just hope she wasnA?a??a??t gone upstairsA?a??A?

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  • Dear Jo-Anne,

    On behalf of arugam.info we hereby apologize for the small typing error!
    We hope this issue has been corrected herewith.

    It is regretted that your organization was not known to us.
    At Arugam Bay we never, ever had any contact from or with “Sewalanka”.
    Many NGO’s claim to be “community based” etc. – but sadly real home based projects and self-help groups are seen as competitors and they are ignored at best – obstructed more often.
    Maybe this is regrettable?
    Because together we could have achieved a great deal more.
    SVH Team

  • Hello,
    You have posted a link to my blog on your website (http://www.arugam.info/2008/07/18/ce-la-vivre/miss-jo-de-vivre-sewage-lanka/) and have me listed as working for Sewage Lanka. I do not work for this organization (I don’t even think it exists). I am working for Sewalanka Foundation (www.sewalanka.org).

    Please make this correction immediately or remove the link to my blog. Thank you.

  • Jo! You seem to be a very nice person!
    But, typical for most ENJOY’s:
    What dio you know about this island?

    “I desperately want to visit but haven’t been able to because it’s in the conflict-plagued east.”
    How come, then, Dear Jo, that there are a lot more foreign visitors in Arugam Bay than in just about any other place in S.L.?
    The Bay is peaceful, quiet and frankly Battaramulla, Colombo and Kandy are far more dangerous places to hang out in.
    This weekend’s rave party at PottuVille Point.
    YOU should be HERE! – And not loath in da Foam…
    You and your personality appears to be well suited….;-) for AbaY and de Point.
    Half the in crowd of Colombo city is present at AbaY right now. –
    And ordinary people appear to be NOT as scared as the NGO’s to travel East- it seems.
    When will we see you in da Bay then?

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