Bell 412 shot in fuselage

The bell 412 chopper that transported President Mahinda Rajapakse to Arugambay at around 12.30pm today made an emergency landing after it suddenly ran-out of fuel. It later transpired that the chopper’s fuselage was drilled by a few bullets resulting in the said loss of fuel in mid-air. President Rajapakse was not on board the chopper at the time of the incident.

The chopper was shot four times on one of its fuselages using an MPMG while it was flying over Kanjikudichchiaaru in Pottuvil after refueling at Ampara Airforce Base at Uhana. The 412 is used for VIP transport while the 212 is used for troop transport. Incidentally, 7 mortar bombs fell on the Sengamuwa STF camp today morning, fired also from Kanjikudichchiaaru.

Yesterday the 58 and 57 Divisions joined together at Pallimadu to commence the march towards Veduthalthivu. On Saturday, the Sri Lanka Army received a large quantity of arms and ammunition from a friendly country in Eastern Europe.

The stock included a large quantity of 122mm rockets used by RM-70 Czech-made MBRLs and a stock of ammunition and spare parts for BMP series APCs. The sale was secured following a visit last November.

A controversy arose over the procurement of another large stock of RM-70 Rockets a few months ago after a Human Rights group misinterpreted them for guided missiles. The rockets were by then removed from the said country and was later safely received by the Army.

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