President at Arugam Bay

“We are determined to continue the efforts until the goal is achieved,” President

“The endeavour and commitment of the government is to ensure the victory of the people regardless of any challenge,” said President Rajapaksa said today (01).

The President, speaking at the occasion of declaring opening the newly constructed bridge at Arugam Bay, said that the government has initiated massive development programmes while liberating people from the clutches of terrorists and that this development drive cannot be abandoned despite many conspiracies including attacks on journalists.

He was referring to an incident that occured yesterday when a journalist and his friend were attacked in Colombo. The President categorically stated that this was yet another attempt to tarnish the image of the country at a critical time in its history and roll back the victories in the battlefield.

Speaking further President said that despite the difficulties confronted along the way, the Government was determined to continue the efforts until the ultimate goal is achieved.

He said the Arugam Bay bridge was milestone of the Nagenahira Navodaya (Eastern Awakening) development programme and noted that this bridge will bring many benefits to the communities engaged in agriculture, fisheries and other industries.

While expressing gratitude to the US government President Rajapaksa pointed out that unity was essential in order to obtain the support of the international community and called upon everyone to set aside differences and join the common cause of ridding the country of terrorism and developing those areas that had already been liberated from the clutches of terrorists.

The state-of -the-art bridge constructed at a cost of US $ 10 million, will replace the old bridge over Arugam Bay which was severely damaged in the tsunami.

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided financial assistance for the construction of the bridge which has been designed and built using US technology.

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Courtesy: Government Information Department

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