A?a??E?RangaA?a??a??s Beach HutA?a??a??: Sun, sand and sea food

By Sanath Weerasuriya, Pix Nilan Maligaspe


The sunny golden beach of Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka’s East Coast is one of the top attractions in the Sri Lanka’s beach destinations. Arugam Bay, which is located 230 km East of Colombo, is one of the best surfing and tourist destinations in the world.

Though it is world famous, the most significant thing is the absent of star class hotel in the area. Out of popular surfing joints, Ranga’s Beach Hut stands tall among the visitors to the area. Ranga’s Beach Hut started its operation in 1989 with just a restaurant and two Cabanas. After all these years of terrorists threats and 2004 tsunami, the Hut developed into a popular seafood place and now with 7 Cabanas and six standard rooms.

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The resort is now in full operations and a massive refurbishment is under way to cater to the influx of tourists to Arugam Bay, after the liberation of East.

‘I am certain that the golden beaches of Arugam Bay will soon be another ‘Hikkaduwa’ and the arrivals have gone up since last few months’ said Ranga Krishnarajan, the proprietor with much hope.

The service at Ranga’s Beach Hut is homely. The food delicious, offering the catch of the day straight from the Bay beach, fish, jumbo prawns, king crabs, cuttlefish and lobsters are the name of the day. It makes up the mouth watering menu in addition to the usual Western and Eastern cuisine. Guests are also offered pure curd made of fresh milk available in plenty and fresh fruits at Arugam Bay.

Ranga’s Beach Hut offers a host of tourist attractions. It lies midway between two popular National Parks, Lahugala National Park and Kumana Bird Sanctuary, which is the eastern border of Yala National Park. Lahugala is only13 k.m. and Kumana Bird Sanctuary is only 30 km from Ranga’s Beach Hut.

A host of heritage sites and ruins dating back to the 5th century are in close proximity to the resort.
They are traditional Panama village, Magul Maha Viharaya Mudu Maha Viharaya and Kudumbi Gala Hermitage, the Oakande Rock and Hindu temple, which is said to be the spot where Sindbad the Sailor ended up after a ship wreck.




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