Swell is UP! At Arugam Bay.

Arugam Bay at it’s Best: June 2008 Surf photos

Sunny, clean, beautiful ArugambaySunny, clean, beautiful ArugambayJune 2008 @ Arugam BayJune 2008 @ Arugam Bay Arugam Bay in June 2008

Surf conditions are perfect right now!

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Where are all of you surfer dudes?

The Bay also is ultra- peaceful – so don’t worry – take a trip to AbaY and you will be an instant hero!
(Can You name any other Country, at war, which you can travel to- without any realistic danger to you, personally?)

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2 Responses to “Swell is UP! At Arugam Bay.”

  • I’m fascinated by the diverse range of views and opinions. Who’s your “go to” guy?

  • Our friends from Magic Seaweed predicted a clean 10ft swell today.
    Paddling out with my (1 year+2 week old ) daughter I am happy to confirm that she went under about 9ft. of quite a steep swell this afternoon, when both of us fell off our Magic (Brazilian made-) board and went well went well under……
    Quite a challenge for an aging geriatric like me and a one year old mini mongrel :
    But great fun indeed!

    Now I certainly realize what my underwear must feel like in a fast tumble dryer – and mini Miss Leila knows full well what her Nappies must experience in our Commercial Washing machine every day

    Whatever! A brilliant lesson for both of us  – at opposite ends of life expectancy – to learn about the forces of Mother Nature!
    I am sure!
    However, now both of us can fully recommend any surfer to come to AbaY to test his skill – or learn a bit more – like we did this afternoon, on a full moon day.
    At quiet, unspoiled Arugam Bay.

    Fred & Leila,
    SVH Team
    (recovering with a good, cool, draft beer from our ‘ordeal’)

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