Security Update still promises to publish all relevant security information!
Q.: Following the end of the cease fire agreement, is Arugam Bay still safe as a destination?
Surfers: Protected species

Baclofen sale A.: The straight answer is:
YES! Arugam Bay and the surrounding areas are very safe.
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Travel to the East could not really be considered to be ultra safe these days.
Potential flash points are the airport, the capital city Colombo, Kandy and all large towns, in the West and South.

  • Do avoid public transport!
  • Try to drive yourself: Car or motorbike
    Avoid freshly dug up areas on any road
  • Avoid large gatherings!
  • Avoid large cities and army camp & any other military areas!
  • Identify yourself as a tourist
  • Do not pretend to be part of any NGO (they are no longer popular in some quarters)
  • Do not comment on political/ military matters to people you don’t know
  • Do not offer lifts to armed people of any group
  • Instruct your driver to refuse lifts of men with weapons – because your vehicle could be mistaken as a target

If you follow these simple, obvious rules we are sure that you will have a peaceful, very quiet and most memorable vacation on the super quiet East Coast – because everybody seems busy elsewhere these days…

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