LTTE Plans, PottuVille, South

Colombo, 21 May, ( Latest reports emerging from South of Pottuvil in the Eastern Province reveals that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who were chased out of the Eastern Province last year by the Sri Lankan armed forces has managed to infiltrate and bring in a large number of their armed cadres. According to the latest information, LTTE has at present a strength of 1,500 armed cadres minus the big guns and planning to launch soon a surprise attack in the Eastern Province.

Earlier when the LTTE was defeated and chased out of the East, a small contingent of nearly 100 cadres under LTTEA?a??a??s Colonel Ram managed to infiltrate into the East and were hiding in the Yala National Park and were involved in guerilla attacks.

It is now learnt that Ram is having around 350 cadres of the Mayuran Brigade in Kumana forest area. The balance 1,150 cadres of are said to be lurking in the Madhuru oya and Kudambimalai jumgle areas.

According to villagers living around the Yala National Park revealed that the LTTE is planning to launch a major offensive in the East, whilst the Sri Lankan Armed forces focuses on its operations up North in an effort to liberate the Northern Province from the clutches of the LTTE.

Furthermore, LTTE cadres from the Jeyanthan Brigade have infiltrated into the Kumbukanai area and have begun to ask locals in Kumbukanai for their assistance.

In the meantime reports reveals that a leading commander of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal is now working discreetly with Col Ram and LTTE men.

According to another report, the said leading TMVP commander in the Amparai district who is a close associate of former leader Karuna is said to be in direct communication with the LTTE’s Commander Ram who is based in the Kumana forested area.

Also, it was reported that the said TMVP Commander use to purchase DIALOG phone cards regularly to top up the mobile phones of the LTTE’s Commander Ram and his deputy Jiyaththan.

It was also brought to the notice that the Pro-LTTE Tamil news paper A?a??A?Sudaroli” based in Colombo, which referred Karuna as just Karuna in previous publications has suddenly begun to refer Karuna as “Karuna Amman” similar to how they refer their Intelligence Head A?a??A?Pottu AmmanA?a??A? which is a respectable way the LTTE cadres address their commanders. This reference was made in their latest publication – TuesdayA?a??a??s issue dated 20 May, which clearly indicates a possible collusion of those associated to Karuna and the LTTE.

– Asian Tribune –

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As gamarala has rightly

As gamarala has rightly pointed out, it is pathetic that the LTTE and their financiers, the Tamil Diaspora,and their proxies in SL, the TNA, are sacrificing their own innocent bretheren to a lost cause. When will the Diaspora give up this senseless killings? They are directly responsible for all the kilings as the LTTE operates with their money and support. LTTE is nothing without their support. There is a lot of blood on the Tamil Diaspora hands, and its not just Sinhala or Muslim blood, but their own.
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LTTE’s second in command is

LTTE’s second in command is dead. The big man Praba is hiding in the thick jungle. The Terrorist diaspora funding terrorism is away from all action. Poor tamil kids are in the forefront fighting and killing themselves.

What a life?

Even Israel and Syria are negotiating peace. There are discussions to end the crisis in Lebonon.

When will LTTE understand where the world is heading? Do they have to be decimated before they realise the misery they are causing to the civilians. Do they have to sacrifice all the Tamils in their area of control?

If they think that they will be tolerated in the East, it is another big mistake – not second to killing Rajiv Gandhi.

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