Arugam Bay on Thorntree

Arugam Bay – current situation

have someone currently is or was in Arugam Bay lately? whats about safety there?
news from Sri Lanka aren’t optimistic, another bomb attack… and another victims… it’s so sad!

27-Apr-2008 00:46
by: Sarawak Posts: 1
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Hi sarawak,
No ones come in on this , so I can give you an answer even if I wasn’t there.
I was in Lanka a few weeks ago and as usual, before flying home I spent a couple of days in Negombo.
In the same place a driver/guide , from Arugam Bay, was staying and over a few beers we got along well and chatted a lot.
He assured me that there is no problem in Arugam Bay Cefadroxil order except the lack of tourists. The nearest they came to the troubles was the attack on a bus about 2 months ago which was on the road used to get to Arugam Bay.
So, if you’re going to Lanka and want to go to Arugam, then head there.
The people there connected to the tourist trade are really suffering, so if you’re thinking of going there with a car and driver, call this guy,
K.M.Rifai, ( just known as Rifai). Nice Place, ArugamBay, Pottuvil.
Tel; +94-63-2248193 or 077 3412240
He’ll be happy to collect rom the airport , or Negombo, or Haputale , or Ella, where ever.

28-Apr-2008 10:32
by: Rod_B Posts: 528
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Prometrium suppositories cost Note:
Travel bus bus is not recommended at present due to bomb threats on the way.
Best may be to arrange a shared taxi/mini bus.
Simply drop a mail to:
and they will suggest your best and most economical option.


Hi! I was just in Arugam Bay for 10 days last week. It was perfectly safe though there were only a handful of surfers there (the surf was up!). There is an increased military presence, especially on the road between Monoragula and Pottuvil due to the upcoming elections in the Ampara district but these military guys were exceptionally pleasant to me (even stopping me to show me elephants and practice their english). There are lots of police and military checkpoints in the Ampara district which slows down travel considerably if you are travelling by bus (though my things were never checked) but, when travelling by tuk-tuk, I just got waved through. I stayed at the Tsunami Hotel, prices are low because there is not much tourism happening. If you go, call Najeem (0776163459); he took me out every day in his tuk tuk to see the elephants and crocodiles, speaks good english, charges “whatever you want”, and is a young and silly guy. He is also a retired Sri Lankan Army guy so is great at knowing what is going on and speaking to the military guys. He also knows all the great surf spots, if that is what you are into.

I spent six weeks in Sri Lanka (solo as a woman-apparently a rare occurance!) and had no problems with the situation except that I would recommend not travelling to the north (north of Anarandapura) or spending more time than necessary in the Colombo bus station. Have fun!

28-Apr-2008 20:45
by: zorra666 Posts: 8
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Great to hear that all is well in Arugam Bay – we stayed at the Tsunami hotel in 2004 – wasn’t really sure how it faired after the tsunami – Naleem was the manager when we were there – is he still there? – he had 3 little girls and lived in Pottuvil. Is it possible to catch a bus from Colombo to Pottuvil? We got terribly lost trying to get there!

06-May-2008 10:30
by: kimm Posts: 58
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Hi Kimm,
Best is to get a train from Kandy, south through the hill country, then a bus from Haputale to Pottuvil. Gets you there easy and you get to enjoy the scenery of the hill country from the train.
06-May-2008 17:40
by: Rod_B Posts: 528
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You can go to A’Bay as far as I know. I am in regular contact with Fred, owner of Siam View Hotel there, who assures me there are no partic. problems at all! It is a great place and lovely unspoilt jungle to visit south of the area as well as fine surf of course. I am from France and upcountry Sri Lanka by the way!

09-May-2008 20:45
by: suryanamaska Posts: 27
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