Adios 2007

unawatuna. the gang. arrack. Order atarax hydroxyzine fireworks. moonlit nite. low tide. cool breeze. katty. breakfast at 12 pm at unawatuna bay hotel. bus ride back to colombo with dinesh and TJ. playstation parties at dinesh’s place. loads of FIFA. trinco trip. heaven. movies with katty on borrowed laptops. hanging out with chithika and adnaan. coffee with vaani. infection alert at lowe. creative mantra. blue water hotel. ‘johann the funeral parlor heir’ for a roomie. beef burger that goes cold waiting for johann to wake up. guess who finally devours it. more trips around sri lanka. trainees start heading back home. broken fan. unbearable heat. annoying mongoose on the roof. creepy voyeurs. x-force. hill country trip with dinesh and ralph. discussing life at 2000 m above sea level over a few lion beers. scene at transasia. more movies with katty. tomi leaves for finland. returns with heavy metal, meat and loads of cheese. fifa. occasional games of risk. hanging out with katty. tuk tuk rides with tomi and katty. lonely long walks to board the 122 back home. creative discussions with dilshara. arugam bay trip. 16 hours on the bus. mambo. soaking in the sun, sand and the sea with katty. magic. crocodile rock. splendid views. a drink or two with the boys. katty’s crazy farewell party. one croatian, one indian, one chinese and one sri lankan holed up in a beauty parlor discussing a tattoo. dinner at curry leaves. an emotional good bye. wrapping up the sri lanka story. not easy. but ‘what to do!’. bangalore. lovely folks. anand. everyone’s the same. lovable as ever. the city is absolute chaos. madness. miami ad school. hopes first built then shattered. ogilvy action Robina yasmin paintings sale thanks to sabith and iq. good break. great expectations. still waiting for magic. gifting folks. bass playing. fifa. endless indo-croatian chats. i miss sri lanka.


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