Blast kills Sri Lanka minister

Hon. Minister and chief whip J. Fernadopulle Order myambutol manufacturer had a close connection with Arugam Bay Lipitor 80 mg price comparison . The new, almost completed USAID bridge between PottuVille and Arugambay had been agreed with him to be build. This was in his capacity as highways minister, in 2005.
He was due to open the bridge at Arugam Bay shortly.

Fernandopulle Incident

The apparent suit side blast happened this Sunday morning near the capital city Colombo.

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  • Hon. Minister Fernandopulle was personally known to me.
    We met in Parliament in Kotte, had a marvelous lunch in the ‘canteen’ and many long conversations.
    He certainly was a very strong and hard working man.
    However, like almost anything and any report in this Country, I would not advice to jump to hasty conclusions. There may be more than one explanation……
    Hopefully, an enquiry will decide who is to blame for this outrage and murder.
    It is a shame, that violence has taken so many good people on this island.
    However, my strong, personal belief is:
    Force, violence and killings will never be able to succeed.
    Lasting peace is not to be gained by such actions.
    It is sad to see this paradise Nation destroying itself.
    But frankly:
    I can offer no real solution at this point in time.

  • Kandiah Karunakaran Analaitivu Jaffna

    The actions Velupillai Pirabaharan of Valvettithurai a.k.a VVT prove that he is a real tiger. The only business he knows is killing. He killed Chetty – the person who named the group “Tigers” and the founding leader of the Tiger group. Then Pirabaharan tried to kill the next leader of Tigers – Uma Maheswaran in Madras India. Then killed important members of the Tigers, Michael and Patkunam. Pirabaharan himself tipped off the Police about then leaders Kuttimany & Thangathurai’s whereabouts. This incident led to Kuttimany & Thangathurai’s incarceration until their death. After he became the leader of the Tigers, he started killing other Tamil politicians and leaders. He killed all the Tamil politicians and leaders who refused to support him. His organization was originally funded by Ramachandran a.k.a MGR of Tamilnadu. MGR gave Pirabaharan more than 1.25 billion rupees in 1985. Then Premadasa government provided truck and helicopter loads of money and weapons to Tigers. Tamils provided their support to Tigers under gun point only. They never helped Tigers to grow to this extent. With out MGR or Premadasa’s massive funding, Tigers won’t exist today.

    If Tamils like Tigers, why the Greater Colombo area is flooded with Tamils from Tiger controlled areas. If majority of Tamils like Tigers, Vanni and Kilinochchi should be flooded with Tamils from other areas. Why Tamils are trying escape Tiger controlled areas, rather than migrating to Tiger controlled area. Why none of the Tamil business people are not investing in Tiger controlled areas? Why farmers are leaving Tiger controlled areas. Why Tamils living abroad are trying help their relatives to leave Tiger controlled areas? Can any body who speak on behalf of Tigers provide the answer for these very important questions?

    The major serious problem Tamils are facing right now is there are hundreds of very young Tigers who know killing and nothing else.

    Tiger is a serious cancer created by MGR and Premadasa severely affects the future of SriLankans. The young people who are below 35 years old do not know the history of Tigers. They believe that, because of continuous outpouring support from majority of the Tamils, Tigers became so powerful. Pirabaharan killed all the persons he worked with before he became as a leader of the Tigers. He even killed last surviving tiger group founding member Sabalingam who was residing in France, because Sabalingam was started writing about Pirabaharan’s killings before 1983.

    In Tiger controlled areas nobody can express any political opinions. Only thing allowed is to say things supporting Tigers. No way yon can criticize Tigers and live the next day. Tigers who do not care about human lives, will never under stand even the basics of human rights. The people who live in tiger controlled areas have no right to express their opinion or ideas. Tigers killed more Tamils than any body else.

    Majority of Tamils are hoping now that death of Pirabaharan will bring in new young democratic political leadership with real vision, open to different opinions and ideas. Until then, gun point culture and killings, will continue. The only business tiger knows is killing.

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