Free Natural Beer Offer

Happy Tamil & Sinhalese NEW YEAR!
Tiger Beer

There is no more “Tiger” on the East Coast!
Purchase zestoretic cost “Tiger” is OUT!!??!! On strict Presidential Orders!
South Eastern Pacific Breweries NowA? have serious problems:
Their other two “Baron“s have also been “Anchored.

Worse still: All the the old, loyal & local “Kings” have been dismissed!
Rumor has it that a local version of “High-Necken “ will soon be on our island.

Btw: Nl – DK: What is the int. beer dominance score now?
Nederland – v- Denmark?
Has Holland got the upper hand since the Daemonic Cartoons appeared?

A unique, home grown, Local Product, recently Exported to the UK:
(Said to have run into trouble with authorities on arrival in the UK)
Caruna Export confiscated in the UK

No worries!!! –
Like the Aussie surfers would say:

All the now famous Arugam Beers are still available!
On draft /tap @ Arugam Bay!
Rs./ 2,000 will buy you a few liters!

May launch of Mai Bock Beer

AbaY’s New Year Offer:
Cut out this image, present it to us at Arugam Bay:
(To find the only outlet so far is YOUR local task!)
Found the only place on the entire island?:
Mention this article:A? And receive a FREE Sample of Natural Draft Beer!
(Do it! Before we are also forced to export the stuff…)
turn the cartoon!
Choose from:
(If available)
Fine draft Beers
This post wasA? originally published April 1st, 2008,
But appeared a bit delayed due to poor Internet connections.

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