Arugam answers Rio has received VERY pretty photos from our Brazil friends.
Sorry, dudes, Sri Lanka is not Rio and we cannot publish your explicit photos of your great Carnival on this web site ;-(((
However, we can do better and even more nude than you!
Here is an impression of our new, young, female surfing generation; at Carnival time:

Not the Rio Carnival Where to buy avodart uk

Cost of pletal Photos taken at Beach Hut, Mambos, PottuVille Point and the Siam View.

We wish you lots of fun over there at the Rio Samba Dome!
But, again:
We might do even better:
On Monday, 4th February we will also have a Parade or two – it’s our Nation’s 60th Independence Day (from the UK) after all.
Any bets? Who will have more fun or see more real action this year?
Ps.: What’s the swell like in Brazil these days?

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