Sanity Project Arugam Bay Mk. 3

Order metoclopramide Arugam Bay Cheap finpecia finasteride is proud to present yet another “Sanitary Project. Mark3″.
Situated on the beach, in view of famous Surf Point, just inside the reservation land; as indicated by the red/yellow marker:


photo copyright: www.sri-lanka-board.deA?A?

It is unclear, however, which Organization might be behind this impressive achievement.
Also, has not been informed how much has been spent on this innovative high tech. project.
Maybe we fail to spot the artistic side of his rare monument?
Is there a well known, international sculptor involved?

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  • Hi Moni,
    What do you do in AB. I went there in Aug. 2000. It changed my life because it’s there where i met him husband. We stayed in the cute place called The Hideway, is it still there. Does a cool singal. guy called Salem still work there? The old man who was the owner was the best cook ever, missing a few teeth and so very kind.
    We are hoping to visit AB again next year, is Mach a nice month concerning the weather? Is the old fruit/veg. market still threiving?
    Thanks so much
    looking forward to your reply
    Claire 🙂

  • Hey thanks moni…

    where do i find you guys if i do come down??
    Arrvinda Sala

  • Sala,
    Be assured that all is quiet, calm and peaceful in the Bay and all around it!
    Just take care traveling from the West to the East; there may be trouble spots on the way.
    The weather this year has been fine!
    Sunny every day, moderate temperatures, not too hot.
    Surf is low to moderate, too.
    See you soon?

    I’m lost for words, too.
    Better that way?
    After 3 years of this non-sense I might end up in the loony bin otherwise.

  • hey plannin on going to arugambay maybe for over a week in feb from the 2nd to the 7th just checking for my friends sake “Is it safe to travel” & how’s the weather???

  • *** ROTFL ***

    Fred, is this one for people or … elephants?
    “Day off” at the loony bin?

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