Ghost Town Arugam

Well presently i sit in a nice and breezy mountain towncalled ella. It is about 1000 meters above sea level and the views are amazing. I can werar jeans here because its a little cooler. that excites me. We are staying at a wicked place with amazing food… and at the price of 3$ a night you cant go wrong..

I dont remeber the last time i wrote but i guess ill tell you what weve been doing the last few days. We went to a national park on a jeep safariand saw some crazy cool animals.

We then proceded to the east o fthe island to a place called Glucotrol xl cost arugam bay Prilosec for infants cost . It was a ghost town since its not peek tourist season. There were no waves for surfing and there was like 1 store open. But we found a sweet place to stay and met 2 girls . one from cali, and the other from the UK. We have been travelling with them the last 4 days. We left there to come here to ella. It was only like 200 kms but we had to take 3 bus’s , 2 tuk-tuks and a train and it took all day. Transport sucks in Sri Lanka.

But ive enjoying being mellow in sri lanka. Ive been able to read and write alot.
The tea is so good here.
The people are very kind.(although they stare alot)
Pray for the people of Sri lanka during the time of this civil war. 2008 will be a bad year for Sri lanka if something doesnt change.

Pray for health and for safe travel. We leave on the 27th.
Miss you all.

God Bless


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