#68 Mambo’s Surf Cafe

2013 update:

Our local correspondents regret that they are unable to provide any further photos, comments or news from this #68 establishment.
Aygestin generic name This is due to the fact that “Mambo’s” management (or their manager) have banned them Order bentyl 10mg from their premises. Even a young child wasA?threatenedA?by him (a Mr. “Ranga”) and a group of A?”Mambo” supporters. We deeply regret this weirdA?behaviourA?and sad incident. And will no longer support or mention this particularA?establishmentA?in future.

However, anyone else isA?herebyA?invited to contribute to this page and post.
Below is an extract from our earlier post.

Arugam.info has not left the boys from Hikkaduwa out for any other reason, but for the fact that their brilliant place is not situated on the main road as such.
In fact, #68 Mambo’s can’t be accessed by road at all: The well developed complex is actually located on the sandy beach, near famous surf point itself. Only a 4×4 can be driven there, across the beach front.

A bit of history:}
Mambo is a house hold name in Hikkaduwa, on the South Coast.
The two resorts are Sri Lanka’s main surfing destinations.
But they have opposing seasons.
About 2003 clever business man Mr. “Mambo” decided to offer all year round facilities to his mainly Japanese guests. When a local offered an ‘inaccessible’ place for sale at Arugam Bay it was time to act and the place was swiftly purchased.
Some nice bungalows were build, a restaurant constructed and best of all:
A good, new PARTY PLACE was born.

Some locals, Arugam Bay – or mostly distant PottuVille people – did not see the benefit such a new, western orientated approach would bring to the area and there has been some predictable opposition.
It has much to do with different life styles – and nothing religious or political of course.

The boys from the South do know how to attract tourists, how to make them happy, how to have a good party and how to deal with western girls:
East Coast guys may have some learning and catching up to do.
Of late, Arugam.info has been informed that Mambo may develop a branch at nearby Peanut Farm – half way between Arugam Bay and Panama.
Another brilliant choice, if so!
Because, away from all this local jealousy, in the middle of an undeveloped, peaceful and beautiful area any visitor and tourist can and will really be able to enjoy a true party in unspoiled nature settings. Without unwanted local interferences.
Arugam.info certainly welcomes #68 Mambo as a valuable contribution to the services the Bay can offer.

15 Responses to “#68 Mambo’s Surf Cafe”

  • โ€œMambos Arugum Bay – overpriced, noisy and baaad service.โ€

    This review is for Mambos in Arugum Bay which I couldn’t find on trip advisor. Pretty simple advice… Not worth staying there.

    We booked in there for 6 nights due to the location right in front of the break but for the price ($60) we expected a completely different place.
    Rooms were extremely average, we had to wait an hour when we arrived at 5pm after a long day on Sri Lankan roads as the room wasn’t ready and no one seemed to fussed.
    The toilet was dark and smelt, the room was hot and had no breeze, the double bed was two singles pushed together, plus it was pretty much impossible to get someone to help you out to fix things like mosquito nets or a wifi password as they were too busy looking after people drinking at the bar.
    The bar actually stayed busy till about 3am on a Tuesday while they played crap house music (not good house music which I like). We checked out the next morning to somewhere way nicer to stay and it cost only 2500Rs.
    Mambos is a nice place to visit during the day, or to have a drink in the evening. There are no benefits gained by staying there, they are more interested in selling drinks than looking after guests. So many better, cheaper and satisfying places in Arugum Bay.

    Stayed August 2012


  • Hi,i love Mambos,i had one of the best nights there in late march,as i am a good looking 26 year old guy,and hooked up with a very hot and sexy probably late 30s uk/aussie lady.We spent a wonderful ,memorable night at Mambos,and passionately kissing and playing on the beach..I think she may have been married though,

  • Hi,i had one of the best nights at Mambos,i am a 26 year old guy,and met a very sexy 40 year old aussie

  • Mambo actually has done a lot of work with regard to the sport of surfing in Sri Lanka. Hats off to that. I have met him a few times, the last time when my car ceased in the middle to Lahugala en route to Abay in the middle of the night! He could have whizzed past me but he stopped, reversed, help me out by towing the car for over 20 KMs! No questions asked, no money, just helping a fellow surfer/ traveller ๐Ÿ™‚ Mambo, continue the good, and yes, the kitesurfing lesson offer is still there ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahahaha.

  • Jo Dissanayake

    Well I have never read such utter rubbish. I have been to Sri Lanka many times and I have friends who I made that work in A Frame and Mambo’s in Hikkaduwa. We are coming back to SL in May and are excited to be going to Arugam Bay for the first time. We have heard such wonderful things about the place.

    I am a female who they have never tried it on with me, in the many times I have partied at Mambo’s I have never seen a fight. I feel safe there as a female to sit and enjoy the views over a drink and last visit I took my two year old daughter to the bar into the early evening.

    Do not believe all this utter rubbish written on here.

  • forumagainstmambohikka

    NEVER EVER MAMBOS! full PROSTITUTION RACKET goes on the first floor and Young men are pimped out to old ARAB MEN. Women too ….VERY AGGRESSIVE LOT…NOT GAY FRIENDLY AT ALL. They GET SUPER AGGRESSIVE. They SHOULD shut it DOWN!

    You have drugs till then they friends with you, the minute it is over the gang will intimidate you till you lose your trip and run for your LIFE!

    This happened this morning 1st August at the Hikka Beach Festival 2010


  • I stayed with these guys in 06. A very decent bunch of guys, working hard to restore their lives and doing a great job. I’ve travelled to many places around the world – both developed and “third world” and have found that an idiot is an idiot wherever they may be. By giving people respect, you will generally receive it in return, these guys are no different. They were friendly,helpful and decent blokes to me the whole time. If you spend your time hasselling girls on your travels you deserve to have your arse handed to you, you fool!!!. You will also find people who will try to rip you off in any street in any part of the world. I guess the trick is not to be such a tosser that you make a target of yourself. Please stay away from such cool places and please do not ever come to New Zealand as fools like you will not enjoy yourselves too much.

  • Are you guys stupid ? Mambo and his friends the most wonderful and friendly people i have ever met ! Im a girl and they have never tried to get in my pants!!
    I have been there seviral times, and im planning to go back to the paradise really soon!
    They would also NEVER attack anyone if it is not really really needed to and then they would absolutly not hit you if you not maby hit them.
    So please, you who dont have been there, dont litsen to the others bullshit because it id really a dreamplace ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would like to come visit you guys in May.
    Is Mambo still there? how about Babaya?
    what’s the going rate for a night these days?
    please contact me so i can make a reservation.

    Hang loose
    Team A Frame


  • Dont go there or stay there the worst people I met in srilanka

    They make a bad name for the local people in all of srilanka
    They are a greedy bunch of dogs that act like a mafia ,
    when they are alone they are cowards only by group they have power

    I hope the people of arugam bay wont let them take over the place
    and damaged it like they have done in hikkadawa.

    p.s I heard from some local people that srilanka polce are on
    to them and their illegal action ,and there gonna shut down
    their party soon ,also the muslim people in pottovill are looking
    for them so next season gonna be there last in the east
    hope to see all of these crack heads in jail ,where they belong

  • Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • Violent Hikkaduwa Beach boys spreading wings to Arugam
    Be warned!

    There are Violent locals in Hikkaduwa, These people live and work in a guesthouse/bar calles ‘MAMBO’S’ or ‘A FRAME SURF SHOP’. The man who owns the place is called MAMBO, he has a surf team of locals, they will ATTACK you if you flirt and meet women (other tourists wanting a good time) who are drinking in the MAMBO bar. They believe that you are stealing women from them. Women need to take extra care as they only want to get into your pants, they are always in a group so beware.
    I was attacked for having a good time (like anyone else on holiday), just because i wanted to chat and have fun with women. They even threatened to kill me, so take care and try not getting too friendly with them as they always ask where you are staying etc. then they know where to get you.
    These guys will have the fillings from your teeth. They are con men and shoud be avoided at all costs, by simply saying no. Sometimes this needs back up of saying it several times, but avoid them. They are constantly talking about the tsunami and how it has financially crippled them, but this is not the case, a lot of people from nations who they are trying to rip off helped them, they just want more. Dont ask the beach restaurant owners to help you, they wont tell them to go away and are just as bad. Buddes Beach Bar (added 1000rps to our bill) and Blue Note hotel (Waiter asked for operation money) are prime examples of this, with even the waiters doing the same. If you want a massage, souveniers or anything they sell, go to the shops or centres and buy there.

    Along the main road they also walk as well. For example, we paid 1600rps for some Aloe Vera Oil, then 2 days later saw the exact bottle in the super market for 150rps.

    You will hear stories of needing rupees for operations for their mother or children, health care is free; 1% of cases need private referrals. You will be invited for lunch at their houses, this is a trap, the kids will be coughing and looking ill and you will end up paying more than a restaurant for your meal.

    Simple solution is dont start a conversation. They ask where you are from, what work you do and where you are staying. Not to be friendly, just weigh up your financial situation. Tell them you are unemployed and from Russia is some advice given to us. Once contact is made they will not leave you alone, i had 5 of them sitting on my lounger at one stage.

    Keep cigarettes hidden, they just help themselves.

  • Nice! A surf cafe. Interesting.

  • hi there mambo, am trying to find out if mambo lodge in hikkaduwa has any available hire for me and my little girl, in january 2009 for 2 weeks? also am trying to get in touch with Chanaka,chami,suji,Ranga and Babaiya from there they surfed and worked at mambo in Hikkaduwa, think Chanaka is your brother cheers Ralph

  • mona or nernja

    this is angela holland and am just wondering if i can contact my cousins that live in abay

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