Rasta Hut at Arugambay

Rastha hutA?A?Arugambay!!!

The RasthaA?A?hut

Ask me what was the most awesome thing about my trip to Arugambay this time;

  1. the bus ride – which was truly an experiance!!!
  2. The company :-) excelent!!
  3. MambosA?a??a?? rastha hut!!

As weA?A?trudged all across the bay with all our bagage heavy from the 12 hour ride across the country ..looking for the perfect place to stay was tiring the price needed to be right as there was no way we could go back for cash as the closest ATM was 3 hours away!!

so we walked & walked until right at the end a familiar voice holloredA?a??A? Mambo!! & the gang such a supprise to see them so far away but hell guess he was as shocked to & happy to see us that he gave us the most awesome room in the house the Rastha hut complete with a well & your own peice of the beach (Where we did most of the skinny dipping by moonlight he he)A?a??A?

Anyways I have much more to write on Arugambay but I have no clue where to start the place is simply a trip & as I always say A?a??A? One day .. One day I will come back to Arugambay & never leave :-)

~ by beachbumm on November 30, 2007.

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  • well anyone who knows or even have driven by hikkaduwa should know mambo or even dropped into mambos for his phenomenal rave parties by the beach anyways he has a few branches or which are
    arugambay & buththala ( i think)

    he has 2 awesome places in Arugambay one on the Bay where i stayed which has very noce accomodation & also the rastha hut for the trveller who wants an authentic experiance of living the rastha life (this hut was originally a rastha hut converted to a room after the tsunami)

    the 2nd place is completely mond blowing which is peanut farm it’s a crazy jungle hangout with its’ own private beach which is simply awesome!! you have to go there simply must!!

  • Great to have you on board of our litte …arugam.info, Sala!
    More and better information of Mambo’s Chill out Surf Cafe and hotel are required!
    Arugam.info is an open source site for EVERYONE, of course.
    Thanks for your contribution!

  • sorry didn’t see the source oops my bad 🙂

  • hey I wrote this article…. not natalie!! anyways good job on the site http://beachbumm.wordpress.com

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