No Phones has received a growing number of enquiries from overseas; people are concerned that they cannot contact their friends and relatives in recent weeks.
There is no case for alarm!
Everything is well. In the Bay.
It is true, however, that all mobile phone networks have been disconnected.
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Also there is no proper, good or reliable Internet in the Bay any more.
Land lines, in general, are working. understands that the present communication restrictions are not of a technical nature, but aimed at supporting ongoing military operations in the wider (NOT local!!) area.

Should you wish to trace or contact any person in the Arugam Bay or PottuVille area AbHa is again offering our trusted, confidential contact service:

Simply send an email for your desired contact person to us at the mail address below.
WE will always find a way to communicate!
AbHa will deliver your message locally and ask for a feed back / reply /report from the traced person, if so required.
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