78Mill. Euro EU fund

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Betapace online shoes Over the counter substitute for erythromycin Colombo, 20 September, (Asiantribine.com): There have been some misunderstandings concerning the Memorandum that the European Commission signed last week with the Ampara Government Agent concerning the A?a??A?EU-Ampara PartnershipA?a??A?. This Press Release clarifies these points as raised in the media.

The EU-Ampara Partnership is an ongoing programme of Euro 78 million for post-tsunami reconstruction and housing reconstruction for conflict affected communities. Through the Memorandum signed last week with Government Agent for Ampara, the European Commission promises to coordinate and report on implementation of our tsunami reconstruction support in Ampara.

These are not new funds. The funds in question were committed in 2005. In a country in conflict, EU funds are not channeled through the government but through international partners and NGOs. EC aid does not favor one group over another. Our aid is allocated according to need, regardless of ethnic group.

All EC aid is provided in accordance with the Guiding Principles recently agreed among all donors and supported by the government. These principles include equity between geographic and ethnic groups as well as conflict sensitivity. As such, our aid will seek to address all ethnic groups and geographic areas in Ampara, according to needs.

All parties have welcomed the continued implementation of EC tsunami support as well as new EC funds in support of returning IDPs. While conditions for full reconstruction may not exist, we remain committed to continue our support to IDPs to alleviate their suffering and to permit their sustainable return.

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