Tsunami Waring 12th Sept. 2007

On 12 September 6:10pm local time (11:10 UTC) a strong
earthquake shook the south coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The Magnitude of 8.4
(USGS)/ 8.0 (First measurement) and the depth of 30km below sea level
resulted in a high risk of a disastrous tsunami. Due to the strength and the
location of the quake the customers of the Tsunami Alarm System received an alert within a very short time period and at least 10 minutes before a potential wave could
reach the nearest costal area. After two hours, we have been able to give the \”all
clear signal\” due to latest news information.

Geological background: The source of the earthquake was in the same region,
which triggered the disastrous Christmas tsunami in 2004. It happened at the
border between the Australian and Indonesian plate. The difference to the
2004 event was that the earth moved \”only\” for a 400km long line, instead of
1200km as in 2004. Together with the horizontal direction of the movement,
only a 1m (3feet) tsunami reached the shoreline.

A series of further strong quakes followed this one. These were partially so
strong that there was again the hazard of tsunamis and we in due course
raised the alarm. The Tsunami Alarm System has alerted you about quakes that
happened at 6:49 local time (23:49 Uhr UTC, 1:49 MESZ) with a magnitude of
Mw 7,8 (USGS) /8,0 (first measurement) and at 10:35 local time (3:35 Uhr
UTC, 5:35 MESZ) with a magnitude of Mw A?A?7,1 (USGS) /7,3 (first measurement).
We could give the \”all clear signal\” a few hours later, when it became clear
that luckily only small local and non-destructive tsunamis had been evoked.

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Your Tsunami Institute Team


Tsunami Institute Tuebingen, Germany
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