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Update from Our Sri Lanka Team
On June 10th a second summer team from Surfing The Nations flew out to Sri Lanka to serve the people of Arugam Bay. One of the team members, Zach Ifland, posted an update about his experiences in a blog; this is what he wrote:

” Tonight we have a beach bbq that we are hosting for the small town of Arugam bay. we will surf , eat and just make friends and let them know that the lords presence is here. Our team is made up of 18 fabulous men and women ranging in ages from 11- mid 40’s.

monday, wednesdays, and friday we will be teaching english in one of the top muslim school of all of sri lanka. so pray for the language barrier to shattered and our lessons to be a sucess. I am real excited. later today we will be goingto a small town called peanut farm and delivering toy, clothing and food donations.

I surfed the longest right of my life today and it wasnt even good according to everyone. the water feels like the same temperature as pee and the reef is extra sharp. hopefully i will be shredding on my backside by the time i get home.

It is evident that the tsunami ripped through here and hurt this town as well as country. just across the street is a hotel Oprah built in memory of one of her employees that was killed during the tsunami. its nice but doesnt seem quiet right to have it here for some reason .the war between the tamil tigers and the singalese (dont know if i spelled it right) is real and just feels intense. just trying to get through the check points on our bus from columbo felt more like me trying to escape a refugee camp out of a movie.
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Plus there was a a crazy rain /lightning storm going on that added to the ambiance. we have to be careful what we say, where we go, how we answer questions, where the women team memeber are (cause women are not free here.) yet at the same time everyone is so friendly, it makes you on edge a little.

There are monkeys on roof tops that steal your stuff, goats on the beach, dogs everywhere, water buffaloe in the fields and elephants crossing roads. this place is beautiful and sweltering hot. Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for me and supported me. You have not only answered my prayers but help fulfill a small dream of mine.

“Be joyful always” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 is what i wear around my neck to keep me in check while going through the thick and thin here. i ask you at home or whereever you are to do the same. i will fill you in as the days go by with more words, stories and hopefully pictures if these crappy computers let me. Peace & love, Zach ”

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