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A fine new school building has been opened in Arugam Bay.
Constructed and financed by ‘The Italian People’ the actual buildings look as good as any Italian design.
They replace the old and very basic school on the southern end of town, which was washed away in late 2004.
Interesting is the fact that two other donors were ready to rebuild this particular school: knows of involvement by “Hamburg Hilft“, some USA group or charity headed by a certain Mr. Sugat Abeygunaratne and a Kandy group called “Success“.
In the event, the Italian People seem to have been rather more Successful.

Whilst the structure is in place, and residents are very happy, thankful and proud to have such a fine building for our kids some wonder how to improve the level of teaching.
Being yet another school without the desired label “International School” – (open to all ethnic groups) the world language English in this Sinhalese institution certainly could benefit from certain improvements:


As was not invited the the Grand Ceremony, however, we are unsure if there are attached pottery classes or a fine China Lasix 100mg online Ceramic Workshop included in this worthwhile project.
If so, and if we are ever proven wrong in our view that a COMMON School, teaching in NEUTRAL English would be the only way to improve respect and mutual understanding of future generations in our troubled island we humbly apologize herewith.

Whatever the case may be, at least the “Opening” of this (what some see as yet another separatist school) seems to have been a full “Success”!
Thanks to the very generous Clomid side cost ITALIAN PEOPLE!

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  • Dear Kevin,
    You wrote:


    I hope to spend some time in Arugam Bay later this
    summer and noticed that someone is interested in
    English language instruction in the area. I could
    be of use having been at that work some twenty
    five years here in Japan. Our plans are open though
    we’ll only be in Sri Lanka for about twenty days.
    If you have any suggestions please let me know.


    Kevin Monahan
    Kanazawa, Japan “

    I took the liberty to copy and paste your comment to this more appropriate front page location.

    I am also a teacher and I done some volunteer work in Sri Lanka.
    The main problem, as I experienced it, is not really the shortage of people like you or me, who are happy to assist and help out.
    Due to low eduction of some head teachers they are still resisting outsiders with much better qualifications and command of English to come in and show their own low standards off in front of the pupils, who’s respect they are working so hard at to gain.
    I worked for a few months at the New Muslim School on the other end of Arugam Bay. I also offered to teach at this New Sinhalese School – where management flatly refused:

    Sinhalese seems to be the only language they understand and wish to teach.
    I fully agree with statements on this site that a brilliant chance has been lost to teach ALL children TOGETHER in a neutral, world language.
    The NGO’s and donor Nations should have insisted to finance only true Common schools rather than helping this troubled Nation to drive more wedges between yet another young generation.

    However, it can’t harm if you offer your services to the local schools when you are there.
    There is hope that a learning process and rethinking has began, due to the Internet and Computer classes where English obviously is a must these days.


  • A Potters meeting or the inauguration of a new school at Arugam Bay?
    No, no, it was a good thing and very useful.

    Here a link to an organization, which also seems to be in the planning stages for the very same project:

    As the Italian people managed to build quicker, better and much more efficiently this Organization is now attempting to construct a multi cultural school in Panama.

    It remains to be seen when the first Muslim kid from Potthuvill or Tamil child from Arugam Bay attends this remote Singhala location 😉

    Hamburg Hilft has invested 25,000 Euro into this project.
    The cash was returned when the first project was stalled and run into controversy (due to open publicity on
    At the second, Panama attempt it was asked for again.

    How does it go on?
    From the organization no answer(s).

    Perhaps Hamburg Hilft can actually Help further?
    Kai-Oliver Farr, Tel. (040) 428 31-1671, E-Mail oder Wolfgang Grätz, Tel. (040) 428 31-2500, E-Mail

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