Community Based Sustainable Bullshit

One of the main catch phrases of the NGO’s is that they support the Community and that investments are made in ‘close’ consultation with the public.
The international press has investigated this claim and found no real evidence that this has ever happened, here on the South East Coast.
True, there have been a few “Workshops” and “Meetings” – but all were nothing but a PR excercise to convince the gullible and uneducated public that a decision reached somewhere abroad is actually good for us.
Any critical comment was duly ignored – nobody ever listened to an informed voice.
Take for example:
Here you have a truly Community based web site, also representing an old, democratic Association.
Indeed, Can you get triamcinolone acetonide ointment over the counter Cheap eulexin side is said to be the very first self-help Internet Home page in the whole of Sri Lanka. Established long before any Government site, more than 10 years ago.
This site and blog is not edited or censored – unlike all of the NGO’s PR sites!
(None of our posts ever appeared on their sites! For example Mercy Corpse and Oprah Whimpy do not allow any critical comments)
On EVERYONE can post ANY Comment – and we are not afraid to publish anything.
Within days after the Tsunami this site was switched into the very first and only home based self- appeal site following the disaster.
Did any of the bragging Organizations support this Community Based institution?
On the contrary, everything was done to obstruct our work – because we were just a little too critical and too well informed?
Look at “Mercy Corps“:
They now pay Google with donor’s cash for adverts to replace our own, underfunded site.
Mercy Corpse also established and sponsors rival sites because we often don’t agree with their high handed and totally useless Projects.

The Community is only asked and involved – when it suits the BIG ENJOY’s!
This is the conclusion we have reluctantly come to after two and half a years.

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