Red Cross Report


Q: Why is the promised report about AbaY’s sad experiences with the (formerly) famous Order prandin medication Red Cross not online as yet?

A: It is already finalized, but we are still considering:

1.) The initial ‘gagging’ order preventing us to publish details
2.) To give Genevre more time to consider ways to stop the total embarrassment
3.) To avoid public anger being transformed into attacks on Red Cross employees – a fair chance once all details are published

Please be patient.
We are not of the same kind and we do keep our promises. Unlike the Red Cross!
A report will follow soon. This is a story which needs to be told. And we will.
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1 Response to “Red Cross Report”

  • Our Shipping Company donated a large sum to the Red Cross in January, 2005.
    We are interested to have some feed back directly from the affected area.
    Has the money been spend well? What are the views of the flood victims?
    We have followed earlier comments and we are looking forward to the indicated report. Some of us are very much interested in your own experiences with the Red Cross Society.
    Please consider early publication, or send us your report by email.
    Chairman & Board
    DMC International (Shipping) plc

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