Drive to Arugam Bay

Safe arrival & drive to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

Well I have just driven over to ABay from Airport via Colombo, Unawatuna and along the coast road. Nothing to report really, nice scenic drive, apart from the 48hr of torrential monsoon rains on the West Coast! Never seen anything like it, just standing still visibility was zero, like looking through an opaque bathroom window, (smells to match in some places!)
Met up with friends en-route and all is calm on the ground.
Night flights have been suspended and the road to Pottuvil (Closest Town to ABay that you drive through, is closed from 5pm each night to 7.30am)
Security is tight in Colombo but as a foreigner I was not stopped or hindered in any way.
There are many police check points en-route; the majority are A?a??A?drive throughA?a??A? to slow you down so the police can have a look.
One check point on the way to ABay you have to pull over and be checked out.
The bay is quiet, waves are long rolling 3-6 at the point, other breaks are working as the swell dictates. Sun is out & I am a very happy man, in a bizarre and confusing country!

Latest photoA?a??a??s of hotel & recent trips into Yala West earlier in the year, are in the photo gallery.

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