Annual Rapport

AbHa Arugam B Buy prednisone no script ay Hotel Association (est. 1999) usually publishes its annual report on 31st March.
This year, 2007, we dismissed the more appropriate idea of posting our views and experiences on the troubled Eastern Coast on April Fools Day, 1st April, 2007.
Following the impressive WW1 style air show at our int. airport recently, that is.
And the ongoing saga with useless organizations wasting donor’s cash where they can on doubtful ‘projects’.
Nobody could possibly believe what we are going through right now, in any event.
The situation here, locally, is far worse than after the natural disaster of 2004.
We are facing a huge man made problem, for some time to come as it seems.
It has been made worse, because this time round nobody seems to care, worldwide.
But most of all: Because all our hope of sanity returning one fine day has nearby gone.

AbHa has now, sadly, lost its only sponsor, the SVH at Arugam Bay.
The Siam Order urispas 200mg View Hotel, itself a very badly affected Tsu. victim, has always been the only source of AbHa’s moderate income.
AbHa itself never received a single rupee from anyone else – and all our services were provided totally FREE to everyone. AbHa never charged anyone for anything.

Looking back, we are proud to recall how much we managed to achieve with so few funds!
Now the little SV Hotel is itself as good as bankrupt, and fighting for its own survival.
In short, all home grown and our true Community based projects are shelved – the ENJOY’s with all their financial might have won this particular round.
By ignoring and even obstructing AbHa.
AbHa will remain active just on this web site, and may gain strength to fight for the poor people in the East once again – if someone comes forward to trust us with a few rupees to carry out any given ‘Project’ for the Common good.
Meanwhile we just continue to sit back, watch and report what is going on around your famous Bay.
Don’t expect any huge progress from any of the so-called ‘active’ NGO’s:
Most of them are busy in Berlin, London, New York or Bangkok – and of course they are always ready to be seen at the Happy Hours at our top hotels in Colombo!

4 Responses to “Annual Rapport”

  • As far back as 1977 I seen the beauty and the huge potential  Arugam Bay offers.
    The entire area has something for everyone and I am still certain we will go far one day as a desirable, very special tourist resort. With the best weather in Asia.
    It is sad to see that many hotels are ‘For Sale’ right now – because they just can’t make ends meet and continue to operate.
    It is impossible – 30 years of civil unrest, the 2004 waves and back again, to a war.
    And: We have to go through it all without any help from any organization or the Government.
    Even a simple fishing man had at least 4,000$ worth of assistance – none of the hotels have ever received a single rupee!
    Why is unclear; all we do know is that we were in the front row of the biggest waves in Asia, we lost more than anyone else and we are without any doubt the most severely affected group by the drop in tourism.
    Fishing is doing well, with prices quadrupled since 2004 (why???), farmers are OK, so are ‘kids’ homes etc.
    The poor hotels on the East Coast always had it bad, and we are used to it – but how on earth can we believe that anyone cares for us? Specially under such circumstances and facts as briefly indicated above?
    And the arrogant behavior of the ENJOY’s towards us?
    Most of our members would pack up and move their land and premises elsewhere – if we could and if we were as free as a migrant fisher man….who can go where ever he wants, at any time.
    Thoughts on behalf of
    Arugam Bay Hotel Associaton
    Fred & Co.

  • Ich kann mich Roland nur anschliessen!
    Inklusive der Suite 😉

    ALLE guten Wünsche zum Neuen Jahr und dass all eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen!

    Vergesst nicht, Ihr seid nicht allein!

    In dem Sinne, l.G.

  • Hey Big Old Man and young father in-spe

    It’s hard for the community of tourists loving Abay and SVH to see how bad it is now.
    It’s hard and very sad that people who survived the power of nature don’t have the chance yet to live peacefully.
    It’s hard and very difficult to believe in a prosperous and happy future.

    You have to accept your’re not alone – many people around the world is just right now thinking of you and Abay.
    You have to believe that there will be a better time – many people around the world is just right now trying to book a honeymonn-suite in Abay.

    Putthandu Nal Walthukkal – Subha Aluth Avuruddak Weva

  • In short:
    Nothing new from the Eastern Front then?
    Happy to see somebody is still watching, at least.
    Keep on AbHa – your time will come.

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