Bright Ideas


But no power.
What to do? Wobble the head?

Most so-called “active” NGO’s actually hate
We only seem to run them down in public.
We do. With good reason.
Why on earth don’t they ever come up with a real bright idea for a change? is not part of any ENJOY and we never have been given any official funds to this day.
What would AbHa do if they had just a tiny fraction of the cash all the Orgas. waste, every day?
The priorities of the concerned underdog change all the time.
To demonstrate allow us to give you one single example of what worries us right now.
USAid has used its obvious influence and they had a brand new transformer installed near their office. In record time.
Something we tried to do for the past 10 years was completed yesterday, in just 3 days: The US air conditioners were not performing well at their end of Arugambay or whatever.
But of course there is a serious power problem, everywhere.
As a result the mains voltage now drops at the other, opposing end of town.
What to do? As the Sri Lankans would say? And wobble with the head.
Today, is the day when Australia has outlawed the old, incandescent highly inefficient light bulbs. We quote: “saving the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tonnes by 2012″. recalls that with very limited funds and very little power as from January 2005 only energy efficient lights were supplied by AbHa to AbaY residents – free of charge.

Why doesn’t some Donation dripping NGO come up with the idea to change one for one:
One museum-type 1879 Edison patent’s heat bulb for a new, low energy bulb for EVERY household in the famous, but underpowered Bay?
What is wrong with making remote AbaY the first energy efficient village in Asia: Wouldn’t that be a real compliment to sanity and progress?
Further, it would actually be a low cost, high profile, ecological and highly “sustainable” “Project” (sorry: but we are truly sick of all these empty NGO slogans!!) which the locals would really LOVE. It would also educate the Natives to become more power efficient. And as a result, Arugam would have decent power again, at both ends of town, consume less fossil fuels and save cash for the Nation and every home.


Because the poor population can’t afford the new low energy lamps! They cost more than twice as much, but actually last more than 4x longer! Cheaper in the long run, but costly to buy in the first place. That’s why everyone keeps on buying the ancient cheap, crap, heat bulbs. This great “project” would save everyone money on high CEB bills.
And better still they get it for FREE, perhaps with a pretty Mercy Corpse (or so) sticker on each bulb…..sorry: Oprah Whinfrey’s preferred partners embrace only Las Vegas “Lights of Hope” to show their highly paid TV & PR teams what US help and changing lives is all about.
Q.: How many Americans does it take to change a 100W light bulb??
A.: does not have an answer we could print.

Sadly we are still not funded by anyone, but we remain confident that we have better ideas than most. We are locals as well as professionals after all.
And for a change 😉 we feel that our own ‘Community’ based “Sustainable” ‘Projects’ actually are what they claim and aim to be Order levlen ingredients .
Meanwhile nearby NGO’s light up their brand new buildings with power guzzling lamps.
The uneducated natives have an excuse. They have no knowledge and no funds.
What justification will we eventually hear from XXXX???? organization when judgment day has come? (We will name and shame them; don’t worry! Right now AbHa simply wants to record local events for future history).
Will they say “We had no funds available to buy 10 energy bulbs”?
To light up the new Community Tourist Office and local show piece?
Or do the XXX-experts Cheap biaxin 500 have no knowledge or education?
Or maybe the simple answer is: ‘We don’t really care’.
…..As long as their own jobs are secure they don’t.
This appears to be the thinking of our E.N.J.O.Y.s -In a nutters shell…..
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  • Changing all the old bulbs in Arugam Bay and Pottuvil is about the best idea I have come across in Sri Lanka.
    Wonder why nobody has supported it or done it already?

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