The End is Near

The end of 500 years Western Domination of our globe we refer to.
When we published our prediction 10 years ago we had few takers.

Now the wind has changed dramatically and we see a general agreement that our generation is highly privileged to witness a rapid shift back to Asian dominance.

Experts agree that future global players are, already China, Japan & India.

Europe and America will decline more and more and lose their status as world leaders, a position enjoyed for the past 500 years through Colonies, war and technology.
Strangely, many in the West seem to ignore this obvious fact and actually help to accelerate this natural process.
By giving aid, removing trade barriers and open immigration – all of which are in fact a one way gesture, so it seems.
Some feel that most help should be channeled to poor Africa instead – Asians are well equipped and motivated to help themselves, if they wish to do so.
However, it might be ….a year or two… before Sri Lanka manages to catch up.
This is because, generally, Ceylon is Asia’s odd man out.
The Baidyanath ashwagandharishta price Tear of India is the only Asian Country with a long ongoing homegrown bloody conflict.
All other Nations have been fairly peaceful and stable – compared to the West.
The two hot wars in Asia (Korea & Vietnam) had external, western causes.
It is up to the leaders of this island Nation to chose a good partner: Is it India or the Inderal generic name propranolol US?

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  • Excuse, and what you think concerning forthcoming elections?

  • Interesting line of thought, Peter. But nothing new as you say.
    Jackson, I agree, but quote:
    “Europe has no choice but to deal with three major forces on its doorstep:
    Russia, Africa and Islam.”
    Russia’s domestic friction, internal problems added to the historic uneasy Russo-Japanese relationship will slow the Soviet Unions progress.
    “Both, Europe and Russia will pay the price for having alienated a major force, Islam, to that it will have to live with for the next thousand years.”
    Can Asians Think by Kishore Mahbubani ISBN 981 232 322 8
    And Asia has kept well out of the Islam debate…I actually do think: They Can Think very well!

  • Peter,Well said except for the fact Europe will be resurgent when Russia joins the European Union which it will in the next 10 years.You will have the Europeans around for a long time to come as Russia is by far the richest nation in the world and the Europeans will be the ones who gain from the development of Russia.Most Russians are European and their major cities lie well within Europe’s borders.Never rule the Russians out in any world calculation,to do so would be to be as ignorant as the Americans.Do not underestimate Russia’s determination they after all, almost single handedly defeated the Axis powers with a loss of 40 million citizens whilst the States lost a total of less than 250,000 men.

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