“High Tech. Landmark”?

Arugam.info has received many inquiries about the new bridge.
A Swiss Internet Journalist has sent us the following, simple design today.
We are unable to confirm if Arugam Bay Aciphex is there a generic is actually ending up with such a ‘innovative’ road or not.
Maybe USAid can assist?
Buy propranolol 40mg bridge.jpg

2 Responses to ““High Tech. Landmark”?”

  • Can anyone explain to me what is ‘High Technology’?
    Do 4 upright sticks and a thin line across represent a ‘Landmark?
    Leaving the pretty artwork, blue sea and sky away – what is there actually left to see?

  • I’ve wrote to Ms. Amy and Ms. Cohn for Support.
    Hope, they can help me to clear the Mistakes.

    Is there anybody, who have more Information about this Project?
    Maybe we can share the Informations and Reports.

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