Cut Off!

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All coast roads around Arugam Bay and PottuVille are flooded, bridges to Panama damaged, the track is eroded and impassible.
Hamlets are cut off due to very heavy up country rainfalls, now beginning to reach the East Coast via the rivers.
photo: Cc Reuters News feed
The brand new, white coloured EU funded construction machinery, parked at Panama during the past 6 months had been withdrawn in the dry season – before Christmas – without being put to use locally.

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  • The Panama access problem is well known – no news there.
    Some small temp. repairs to the short road would take just a few hours.
    If it done would be done by huge EU or USAid equipment, parked up or course. |
    If we have to wait for the RDA or the SL. Gov. – we’ll wait forever
    The fact that nothing is done, still, after all this time and all the donated cash leaves me…. speachless…
    A. Fickramamasinghe
    Col. 04

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