‘Tsu’ Anniversary

Arugam.info recalls that a few months ago an exhibitition was traveling around the hotspots of the Nation.
They never went East, of course.
In vivid pictures, photos, sound & vision someone BIG like the UN staged a few shows around the western part of the island recalling the Country’s saddest day, just two years ago.
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Nature’s huge event could have been a blessing in disguise for this little island; but what did we make of this unique and rather unparalelled opportunity?
Why not take a look yourself at what is what it was like 24 months ago?

A bit later, if we are connected to the East Coast, we may be bold enough to attempt to show you how much similar it still looks there, in the forgotten East.

Nothing, it seems has changed.
To this very day; two years on.
In fact, the road is worse now than after the Tsunami.
Today, and all day there is no electricy at Arugam Bay.
The phones are largely dead, there is no proper Internet access.
All shops and outlets have stopped selling GSM mobile phone cards and nobay can recharge their accounts
There has not been a single prepaid Internet card for sale for ages.

In other words, many feel that the Bay is a lot, lot worse off than one, or indeed two years ago.

One important, pretty sad observation:
All local hope that things get better have almost vanished.

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