Open Sky @ Arugambay?

Buy silvitra online Ashwagandha plant buy Ruhunu open skies launch on Nov 19
The Ruhunu Open Skies programme is to be launched on November 19 and 20 at Hambantota.
The director general ofA?A? Civil Aviation, H M C Nimalsiri said the programme is based on facilities at three airfields – Katukurunda, Koggala and Weerawila and an abandoned runway located north east of Hambantota.
The area of operation will be the coastal belt from Kalutara to Arugam Bay in Pottuwil. The land area encompasses Kalutara, Neboda, Elpitiya, Akuressa, Panamure, Balangoda, Kirigalpotta mountain peak, Haputale, Ella, Haliella, Lunugala, Weerawila and Yala.
A wide range of aviation activities including flying schools, hang gliding, para gliding, para jumping,A?A? micro-light aircraftA?A? and kites would be a major contributor to the economy, together with a variety of helicopter services for ships.
Ship movement around the south of Sri Lanka is between 285 to 325 ships a day reaching nearly 10,000 ships per month. The open skies programme could also provide a number of services by helicopter, night and day, which will include crew transfers, medical evacuations, para-medics for emergency medical care, provision of emergency medicines and supply of food.

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