Will CASP actually Cheap aceon Grasp what is really needed in our area?
The town of nearby PottuVille welcomed the Vice President of Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership ( Buy keftab cephalexin CASP), Mr. Victor and his wife Ms. Petrescu this morning.

As usual, the newly arrived visitors are overwhelmed with proposals and project ideas. however has observed and is frustrated that during the past 2 years the Bay itself has benefited nothing “Sustainable” from any of the hundreds of organizations passing through our area.
Photos of the auspicious PottuVille welcome ceremony are attached herewith. has again crossed all fingers and one hopes to be able to report some realistic help and support for the Bay one fine day.

As stated, CASP is looking for Community based projects.
Therefore presentations, suggestions and support for our recommended causes might be welcome directly to:
Hopefully we can avoid further boat donations, having such IT advanage.
Applied “Vorsprung durch Fortschritt?”

2 Responses to “Grasping”

  • I actually contacted the above email address and got no reply at all.
    However, a further letter to the mail box on the mentioned CASP web site was answered, within the same day by:
    Douglas MacArthur
    Canadian Agro Sustainability Partnership Inc. (CASP)
    A rather polite letter informed me that someone from distant Ampara might be looking into my observations and comments.
    If so, I will post its contents.

  • We looked and asked around the Bay for nearly 2 weeks.
    Nobody in the entire knows anything about Casp, Mr. Victor or his wife and there is no activity of any sort.
    However, as usual, their web site is in place; impressing sponsors no doubt.
    In other words nothing unusual or new.
    Why give them added publicity here?

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