The Paper Curtain

East Coast Drivers and local Boat Captains have complained to How much cephalexin should i give my dog Buy abana himalaya
As from now a special permit needs to be applied for any journey out of the Eastern Side of the island. has just obtained the first “Travel West” permit, issued this afternoon at PottuVille Police station. A specimen copy of the new document is posted here for you to evaluate. See sample pass below

We are informed that only vehicles with such a permission are allowed to travel West, as from today.
No doubt: The cumbersome application process alone should be sufficient to discurage lawbreakers and terrorists to carry out their deplorable plans in the West in future.

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  • More about Pointless Check Points?
    How about: (A la Praesident Kenn-u-die?) “Ik bin oog een Baliner”?

    Arugam Bay certainly welcomes German inspirations such as:

    The new People’s Kontroll Punkt at :
    Invalid Road
    Geknickte Bruecke
    Boese Brucke
    in addition to

    Or am I still the only one who keeps on hearing something: Bahnhof “Friedenstreet”?
    I accept that my own memories are unclear.
    Until I just looked it up I had no idea at all that BSR always had totally free access to the “Deponie SchönLeiche” in Lichtenrade/Mahloch, in the other Sector!
    Maybe we have much to learn from your history; there seems a demand of late.

    BSR? That’s something we don’t yet know here!
    No, not undertakers! But Environmental Cleaning Services, 1960’s Berlin Style.

  • High! ***stillshakingmyheadindisbelief*** Moni!

    Thank you so much for your kind offer!
    You asked for it – so here is our team’s straight answer!
    We are so pleased to inform and maybe surprise you that it seems that the entire Eastern Province still has plenty of very own rubble & brilliant leftovers! Ever since Dec./2004 there are more than enough broken walls all along our East Coast for some strange reason… the seaquake we heard of in the News (on that day we had electricity) happened somewhere off Africa; right?

    Thanks! There is no need to airlift anything whatsoever into our geographically 99% intact island! Everything we could possibly ever need in our simple life is, and always has been available right here.
    Provided one has what we still have the rare, odd but still very beautiful dream of: An actual flood victim  receives a tiny bit from generous donations we have remotlely heard about in the media.
    That person actually managed to help himself, kept his pride and motivation!

    Please don’t follow NGO mistakes! Save all those totally useless transport, logistics & justified import costs!
    A small group of brave Western experts have just landed, exhausted from near 2 full years work on the very badly affected West Coast; that’s just off the epic centre; right?
    These two obviously very brave men have been sent East to evaluate and assess the situation; at once.
    This year.
    Our East Block Natives, educted in one of our varied Separatist establishements marked Sri Lanka “School” are naturally highly impressed:
    The Big logo of the team says: ERU = “Emergency Response Team” on their Flags, Jeeps and even on their helmets and flourescent Jackets!
    Is this another spelling mistake?
    Should it not read “EMU”?
    Local experts have already stated that the East Coast still seem to have enough left over materials to reconstruct a Wall of China….but they are Sri Lankan civilized engineers, and tend exxactgurate a just little.

    Whatever! The new Checkpoint “Bravo!” at Simbalanduwa is already praised as yet another Home office Goal.
    Discussions are on the way at the highest level concerning the planned re-naming ceremony:
    Officials, however still argue about protocol, seating oders and so on.
    (In SeelenDieb his is not unusual. At the top it already starts with Peaceful considerations such as “Who should occupy seat A2 in the Airbus A340 on the way to Oslo or Genevre; and which party should be condemmed to sit further back, arriving about 1 sec. later for the long planned pisstalks etc..; )
    At our very low level we just here sit here and wonder:
    Will the A4 Transit Route Checkpoint on the border of the United Socialists’s People’s Republic with the internal (Insider) code name: “Bravo!
    Will this piece of our heritage ever be internationally recognised as additional Tourist attraction?
    Would our 20+ Year old Checkpoint Bravo! ever enter History books as: “Helmet Town” , “Drei Lindungen” or “Whyareweborn?” or better – in order to promote our wild life in the wild East: Checkpoint “Three Palms”, “Stork-en View”?
    The main Pam Pam however, is, that we receive more and more nominations.
    And we don’t seem to be able to move on somehow…..
    Checkpoint “Dreh(mirNochEin)Witz” (an?) has just entered the ‘local’ competition.

    Direct Greetings,
    Yours truly

    Alles Klar Cock?
    TamilAnhalt located somewhere im

  • What is that for – making money in the west or building up another “Sri Lankan Democratic Republic”? Fred, what do you think, shall I try and find out how to send parts of the German Wall to Sri Lanka??


  • what about drivers coming in from other areas e.g. south and west, what will happen to them?

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