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As from today, you will find here, on Cheap nimotop en No.1 position all related issues, discussions and local observations concerning travel security. has only just realised that Safety Concerns are foremost in your mind!
We thank you for your feed back, suggestions and emails, pointing this out to us.
Rather than giving you our subjective opinion, we are herewith inviting all ‘Insiders’ and recent travelers to post THEIR observations, views, experiences and advice for all to see and share.
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2 Responses to “Security Update”

  • Hi Friends of Abay

    We just stayed 2 nights (only) at SVH. After Valaichenai and Batticaloa it looks really much safer in Abay
    It’s not so nice when you move in the surroundings of Abay. Between bushes and trees you often will see some guns “shining” through. For first-time-visitors I would not recommend this experience.

    Peace for SriLanka!

  • Do I think it is safe for any foreigner to visit and travel around Sri Lanka?
    YES! I do think SL is still a VERY safe place! Unless you happen to be Sri Lankan that is……
    Military targets, the North, the NorthEast may better be avoided.
    I personally see the biggest danger to be forthcoming civil unrests, or Community riots.
    Any new outrage will ignite old grudges, and we will see mob rule a la 1983 again.
    This could happen very soon I fear.
    Anybody caught up in such an aggressive crowd should take special care!
    An added big danger is that authorities may choose to fail to contain violence. Such a lawless, emotionally highly charged and -free-for-all situation will give rise and a perfect excuse to carry out criminal activities, such as thefts and robberies, llotings and even murders.
    Jealouscy is a common problem, specially in Sri Lanka. The Sudu Visitor may be seen as being rich…..and mob rule is a good excuse for some criminal elements to rob or just trouble YOU.

    A situation where a mere visitor is caught up in a bomb or suicide mission still is a very small risk, in my mind.

    In sharp contrast to Egypt, Turkey, Bali and in many other popular resorts nobody wishes to harm a foreigner here.
    To be attacked by a rogue elephant, to be knocked over by a speeding NGO Jeep or have a coconut fall on your head is far more likely to happen these days.
    Indeed, the sheer presence of a white face on a planned strategic location might even prevent an attack opon it, at least for the time being, until the reverend vistor has moved out of sight and danger.
    I have personal experience of inpromptu cease-fires – warriers allowing my safe passage of elephant pass on my frequent travels to Jaffna. As soon as I was out of sight, the vicious shelling resumed…
    Your visit could therefore be seen as a contribution to peace – with no realistic danger to yourself.
    Also remember: The Island is mainly rural and perfectly calm in any event!

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