Back in the Monkey House!

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News just in!
Charlie and Simon as well as Wolfgang are back in the Monkey House!

Now we have at least one explanation:
Simon’s overdue statement has been delayed because he is back inside.

Relax, No Problem!
This time it is only in the interest of Wolfgang’s eco project and our local wild life orphanage.
We will report more about the background soon, but today one important episode has been completed.

In brief, all four Arugambay, orphaned monkeys have been released back into their own habitat, the wild.
After a period of nursing and looking after them, the 3 males and one female were successfully placed into a safe area today.
It was never our intention to establish yet another zoo or silly tourist attraction and everyone, incl. all neighbors are very happy that this intermediate part of the ecoproject has been completed. Successfully today.

see more details and older photos:


4 Responses to “Back in the Monkey House!”

  • Oded,

    Good to see that you came up in this comment with the idea of the webcam…

    I have been the one who helped Fred to set up a webcam at SVH that we brought with us from Thailand…

    Also the webcam works perfectly from inside the cyber café, it won’t work on outside for 2 reasons:

    1° cheap webcam does not like that much bright lights, and all of you perfectly know that Arugam Bay has a very bright and strong sun

    2° cheap webcam can’t be taken away more than 15 meters from their nsupporting computer.

    so unfortunatly a cheap webcam won’t work for the purpose of having the bay, not the say point break, covered by a webcam.

    BUT BUT BUT the idea is still VERY VERY good in my eyes and there is some solutions available around: I guess the idea would be to have an IP Webcam (ie a stand alone webcam, which does not need a computer to work) specialized for outside that would be connected to SVH internet server (AP) via the Wifi connection.. That would work perfectly from the Bar’s top on the beach !!! the only problem is that all of you know that the money situation at the SVH is not that great and the cost involved by such a project are just not supporable by the SVH. I would guess that the whole budget for the hardware is something between 500 to 700 euros and I’m pretty sure that Fred at SVH would support the idea with paying the internet bill!!

    I would love to see the day when a bunch of surfers (who will be the main benefitors of such a tool) would team up to raise funds for such a project.

  • Keep up da good work, educating on drugs, the wildlife thing.
    we’ll be back in da bay soon
    where is the web cam?

  • ์Nathalie

    What a shocker.
    This site is getting better and more interesting every week.
    We love it!
    Give our regards to everyone and specially to Simon.
    Remember the Party girls!

  • Wot a good laugh… I first thought they were back in the nic, but ya the dam nic in SVH, full of holes eheehhe

    Good to see that the monkeys are back to real life (Somlak will be at peace now…) and that Wolf is back home SVH

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