(Party?) Drugs

During AbHa’s recent research into the ‘War on Drugs’ we came across a rather iteresting graph. We feel it is important enough to share it with you and the young generation looking for fun in life.
The highly respected British Science Select Commitee collected data from relevant experts who have taken all relevant factors into consideration. They came up with a graph showing the actual harm drugs inflict onto society, the individual itself, as well as the underlying impact on their immididate family, the user’s health and all associated crime.
Here are their findings:

AbHa does not endorse the use of any drugs, but maybe our generation could benefit from a responsible re-classification of certain drugs?
Look where Alcohol, Tobacco and, say Ecstasy (A), stands right now.
And take a look at their present classification (legal).
No opinion here! Just Food for thought!
We have NO doubt, however, that Heroin, or ‘Brown Sugar’ is in its correct place (A)!

BBC News 13th October, 2006:
‘Cannabis drop’

The British Crime Survey which is published today is understood to show that drug use overall is down.

However against that background there are some individual increases, said BBC home affairs correspondent Rory MacLean.

Cheap uroxatral medicine Dostinex price in pakistan The survey, he said, is expected to show a drop in the numbers of people using cannabis.

The government is also expected to say it plans to stick to the classification of drugs into A, B and C classes in response to a parliamentary committee report saying the system was not fit for purpose

In July, a committee of MPs said the designation of drugs in classes A, B and C should be replaced with one more closely reflecting the harm they cause.

The Science Select Committee said the present system was based on historical assumptions, not scientific assessment. Some of the drugs could be rated less harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

2 Responses to “(Party?) Drugs”

  • @Nathalie

    Cannabis is far from legal in Sri Lanka to my knowledge, but I totally agree with you on your points on fighting.

    I have smoked for many years and was cofounder of the danish cannabis foundation, and I have never seen people get aggresive when they smoke, but I have seen people get beaten up with chairs, bottles and stomps due to alcohol.

    But when that is said I don´t think that research is correct in some points.

    Anabolic steroids:
    Very harmfull to your body´s hormonesystem, if taken over a longer period natural testosterone levels decrease VERY much, and about fighting don´t get me started. I have seen people go beserk in what is called “roid rage”, not a pretty thing. Stay away from steroids!

    Best regards Thom Thom (who wants to come back to abay)

    P.S. Sorry for spelling mistakes…

  • ์Nathalie

    Where does Cannabis in stand in Ceylon then? Is it legal by now?
    Anybody who has experienced drunken and highly aggressive alcoholics, also or perhaps more so in Sri Lanka, would agree that this legal drug is doing great harm to society, families and the health of the user.
    At parties fights are never due to smokers, but drink.

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