#21 Danish Villa

#21 Danish Villa. Your holiday home from home

How much topamax to take for weight loss #21 Danish Villa has a refreshing and totally different concept than all other ‘hotels’ in Arugam Bay.
This colonial style, but modern bungalow is set well back in a huge tropical garden. Although individual rooms can be rented, ideally the entire house can be yours for the duration of your vacation.
There are a number of well equipped bedrooms, a large modern lounge with Satellite TV and HiFi systems and a great terrace where you can’t see, but hear the ocean in the distance whilst having your dinner.

Essentially, it is a self catering operation, but a cook is on hand should you not wish to spend your time in the well appointed kitchen.

Road Sign

Road Sign

Purchase risperdal children #21 Danish Villa is owned by a young couple from …. surprise!: Denmark. Camila & Per came to AbaY and through contacts at Danish run #01 Stardust purchased the land and constructed the building in a highly professional way.
Per, specially, gained wide local respect in the aftermath of Dec/04 with his endless well cleaning, water supply and his support for the Community.

An own web site exists and as soon as we have learned how to embed special and easy contact buttons all relevant links will be added here.

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  • #21 Danish Villa
    Highly recommended!
    This place is clean,quiet, set back and well run and looked after.
    You will be happy there.
    Contact Per or Camila through their own web site:
    or call
    Phone: +94 (0) 7769 57936

  • Hi all.

    The NGO moved out…so everybody is welcome :-))

  • Hej Martin.

    Jeg er da ked af at jeg først nu har set du har skrevet. Vi er i Danmark for tiden og kommer først tilbage efter jul. Vi har lejet “The Danish Villa” ud til en NGO indtil slutningen af November. Ellers er I da altid velkommen, I må gerne gå op og se huset hvis I er i Arugam Bay. Bare sig til Tahir som passer det at I er fra Danmark og gerne vil vises lidt rundt.
    Håber at se jer efter jul.

  • Hi Martin,
    Per & Camila are said to be in Arugam Bay now. Without doubt they would be happy to see & welcome you.
    If you have time, I also would love a chat with you about the New Oluvil harbour project, which was planned long before the world recession. Some wonder, if there is any point, as most successful harbours (like Singapore, HKG etc.) have no more work to speak of or expand. Sri Lanka already has deep sea harbours like Colombo, Manar, Jaffna, Galle, Hambantota, Trincomalee.
    We know this island’s main asset is our unique wild life.
    And we all love elephants….but:
    Does this little Nation – with no exports to speak of, really need another White elephant?
    Maybe you can enlighten us if this project really has a future or not?
    Fred, Arugam Bay

  • Martin Kristensen

    Well, hopefully anybody will be home at the villa. My friends and i will for sure come by and say hello. Presently we are working in construction of Oluvil harbour.

    See you.


  • The Danish Villa is fully booked by Cesvi (Itallian NGO)until late July 2009.
    From 1. of August we welcome all guests to our Beautiful Villa.

  • We agree:
    DEMIRA – German Mine Clearers and Field Hospital staff at Arugam Bay also stayed and still stay at the Danish Villa.
    Good, clean place.
    Highly recommended!
    Located inland, other side of the beach.

  • Hi!
    I stayed at the Danish Villa, and it is highly recommended, it is a very clean place, and the staff is very helpful. Super breakfast

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