Saturday update: Calm again

The Bay, PottuVille, Panama and all surrounding areas are quiet and very peaceful again we are happy to report.

Furthermore, there are indications on all fronts that this weeks disturbances have been nothing more than an isolated incident.
The entire Community is reflecting on this weeks sad events. In fact, here is an excellent chance -again (…26/12/04….)- that Arugam Bay will be a better, even more harmonious place in future.
Everyone is working very hard at reconciliation at this point, discussing underlying issues and the reasons leading to the sudden and unexpected outbreak of emotions.

Everyone in the wider area, connected with Tourism or not, has suffered in one way or another. Therefore we pray that the lessons learned will be act as a constant reminder and warning.

All people interviewed are convinced that this weekend will finally close a sad chapter in the history of the Bay.
And we just have to start all over again to recover our good international reputation.
All sides specially regret the fact that the few tourists which we managed to attract this year have packed their bags, surf boards and left. Their reports to respective Embassies have resulted in travel warnings being issued by a number of Countries as a result.

It is stressed, however, that at no point there has been any danger to the safety and security of any visitor to Arugam Bay. How much cost suprax Cheap seroquel

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