Friday situation

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(Other) Photos prevented by order SLA

Today, Friday. the area is quiet, but security forces are visible at key locations, well prepared for any ‘after prayers’ signs of protests or further outbreak of emotions.

It seems that the elite STF (Special Task Force) has been replaced by the regular SLA (Sri Lanka Army) and there are indications that a kind of martial law has been implemented as from this morning; one of our correspondents was prevented of taking any photos, for the first time ever.
All Communities and officials have been shocked beyond belief of what has occurred.
A positive outcome of this sad chapter seems to be that everyone is working much harder now to build bridges to ensure that nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again.

Residents feel lost and some mention the strange absence of all of the usual NGO Jeeps or any personnel ever since unrest erupted. As usual, the so called helpers are nowhere to be seen in times when at least their presence would act as some comfort to natives in difficult times.

Specially the SLMM (Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission), and others usually known as peace keepers like the UN seem to be too busy elsewhere.
No doubt they have a different mandate and cannot interfere in local issues.

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  • I hear all is quiet and calm today, Saturday. It seems to have been just an isolated incident or is it more than that?
    Please give an update, also let us know what happened to your photographer?
    Someone phoned me and told me that he was injured yesterday in PottuVille.
    All the NGO’s have returned, right?

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