Trouble in Paradise

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0094 773 200 201 is our Emergency Hotline for concerned relatives
Arugam Bay no longer is quiet this morning, we are very sad to report.
The normally sleepy Bay has been caught in the middle of a very unfortunate civil unrest.

In general, the Muslim community is understandably angry at the brutal murders of 11 young men from the PottuVille area two days ago.
This morning we are informed of another incident South of Arugam Bay which is being looked into by specially flown in experts. It seems that most people are not happy with official explanations, or the reaction of some parts of the security forces.
As a result, local anger is directed at some members of the Sinhalese Community.

For the first time in living memory there is trouble at Arugam Bay.
It is important to remark that no aggression is directed against any visitor or tourist, and nobody is against any foreigner at all.
But it is also fair to report that the few people in town, who came to us on holiday, are not happy or relaxed at all.

Quite a few people have now left, others are planning to leave.
We are in touch with Embassies and there is no evacuation problem.
Indeed, anyone wishing to leave is free to do so and AbHa will continue to do whatever possible to assist anyone in need.

AbHa, established to promote the area and living conditions of Arugam Bay now temporary advises against all non essential travel to PottuVille, Arugam Bay and Panama until further notice.
As night settles on Arugam Bay there are signs that emotions have calmed down and we hope to have better news for you tomorrow.
A direct line for concerned relatives is given above.
We will answer any mail within the same day if sent to:


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