All Quiet on the Eastern Front

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It is far too quiet actually, something must be wrong…
As we passed through PottuVille early this afternoon on our way back from Batticaloa, we noticed that there was not a single shop or bank open.
OK, so what? Do we celebrate yet another “Hartal” or what?
(This is the local word for civil strike, a kind of protest-bycott often resulting a strange kind of self-punishment situation because there is no income, no food to buy; it roughly may translate into: “Having no fun or business at all”.)

As there are plenty and frequent of “Hartals” north of the Bay we thought little of it.
But what a surprise. Schock & horror! For the first time, ever, we noticed even Arugam Bay looking like a Ghost Town. Even on Tsu day AbaY’s High Street was a little more busy….
This afternoon, all of a sudden, there are very few people on the road, most places are closed or are semi Closed.

What on earth has happened to sleepy Arugam Bay this morning?
Sadly, we have bad news.
Violence has reached our remote area.
This morning we are informed that some bodies were found in an area South of Arugam Bay, towards Panama and Yala.
Residents are concerned of a backlash, security forces are braced to deal with it and the few visitors in town are shocked to hear of such a crime; usually unheard of in our region.

Of course there still is not one single hint of danger to any foreigner. They are all very much safe and very well.
But this sad episode may have a negative influence on our already rather depressed tourist resort. Much to our concern and in addition to our grief.

As usual, in a tense and delicate situation as this, plenty or rumors have already surfaced, one explanation appears to be more weird than the previous. We can’t and don’t believe anybody right now.
If and when we have further details, we post an update.

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